Air Malta is very pleased to offer an increased luggage allowance for those students studying at Post-Secondary / Sixth Form level and any other recognised student enrolled in a full-time Higher Educational Programme. We want to make your travel experience as easy and as stress free as possible, so why not take advantage of our amazing offer? Travel with us now and benefit from our current student offer of an additional 20kg worth of luggage, absolutely free! 

-         Are you a student aged 16 years and over?

-         Are you currently enrolled in a full-time educational programme in Malta or abroad?

-         Are you in possession of a valid student card or any official study documentation?

-         Do you have a flight booked with Air Malta?

-        Are you travelling at least five working days from today?

-         Do you need to travel with a lot of luggage?

If you correctly satisfy all of the above conditions, then what are you waiting for?

Complete the below form and attach a copy of your student card or official study documentation, explained hereunder. Once we receive all your correct details, please wait for us to directly send you a confirmatory email to present at check-in.



Please provide us with a copy of the official student card given by your Educational Institute or with the ISICInternational Student Identity Card, as proof of your current student status.

If you are not in possession of any valid student card, an Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from your Educational Institution will only be accepted if it includes all of the below requisites:

-          Student Name

-          Student Surname

-          Name of Educational Institute

-          Official Course Name

-          Course Start Date

-          Course End Date


If your University follows a similar system to the ESIMS Accounts of the University of Malta, you can also upload a copy of your Current Course Details – which must also include all of the above requisites.

Only those students whose travel dates fall within their respective course start and end date, will be eligible to benefit from our special offer.

Air Malta reserves the right not to grant this offer if any of the above mentioned terms and conditions are not satisfied. This offer can be used more than once but is not transferrable or redeemed against any other offer. This offer is only valid on Air Malta operated flights.All interested students must correctly complete and submit the following online form at least five working days before their travel date.


See you Soon!

The Air Malta Team

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Course Name
Course Start Date
Course End Date
Reason for Travel
Outbound Flight Number
Outbound Flight Date
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Inbound Flight Date
Personal Email Address
Country of Residence
Contact Number
Documents attachment
I accept the terms and conditions above
I want to receive future offers


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