Marine & Offshore

Employees involved in the Air Malta Marine & Offshore business, as members of the Air Malta Marine and Offshore programme, can enjoy a number of attractive benefits.

All Companies and Agencies involved in the Maritime industry that are interested in having a Corporate Agreement are invited to contact our Marine Travel Office via e-mail.

Members in Air Malta’s Marine & Offshore Programme will benefit from special SEMN Fares on Air Malta’s entire flight network.

Membership to Air Malta’s Marine and Offshore Programme is open to agencies and companies ticketing any person aged 18 years or over and who has an employment relationship with a Marine related Company. Travel concessions and fares apply for Seaman, Offshore and Marine Crews travelling on the following instances of duty:

  • an active seagoing duty;
  • to work on board a merchant or cruise ship;
  • joining or repatriating from such vessel;an active service on Yacht – Shipping – Oil – Gas – Extracting entity.
Air Malta’s Marine & Offshore Programme applies to Seamen as well as to crews involved in drilling, loading, servicing, engineering and management. 

Membership Benefits

As a member in Air Malta’s Marine & Offshore Programme, you are entitled to:
  • direct contact to our programme leader; 
  • direct contact to our fulfillment office;
  • flexible advance purchase/ticketing rules;
  • dedicated rates for travel;
  • reduced rebooking charges;
  • ticket valid for one year;
  • 40 kilos free baggage allowance;
  • Regular updates informing you of our special offers and interesting news.

Marine & Offshore Travel - Terms & Conditions

To become a member of Air Malta’s Marine & Offshore programme, certain conditions must be satisfied. These are listed in the Legal and Policies section of this site. Other programme documents and communication media (e.g. newsletters, account updates) will contain other conditions as may be published from time to time. Once accepted as member of the Marine & Offshore programme, a guarantee letter with the official letterhead must be sent when applying for a ticket. The letter must include details of travel, passport number, the seaman book number and country of issuance (seaman only), and name of vessel/platform. Applicants must be ready to present seaman’s book, contract of employment and letter of guarantee upon check-in at airport.

Before participating in the Marine & Offshore Programme, please read the relevant terms and condition available here.



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