Hand Baggage

Air Malta’s new hand baggage policy comes into effect Monday 14 May 2018.

In order to simplify boarding procedures, eliminate any risk of flight delays and for the safety and fairness of all our guests, Air Malta has introduced a new hand baggage policy.

In the case of a flight being full or nearly full, only the first 100 wheelie bags (in the case of an A320) or the first 80 (on an A319) at the gate will be permitted in the cabin, due to limited space. Each bag needs to be in line with our hand baggage policy conforming with stipulated weight and dimensions to fit in the aircraft’s overhead lockers. We remind all our guests that the main hand baggage should not exceed 10kg in weight, and measure 55x40x20cm maximum. The hand baggage needs to fit our baggage sizers which one can find at any airport.

After the first 100 pieces of hand baggage (in the case of an A320) or the first 80 (on an A319) are placed in the cabin, all the other remaining hand baggage will be placed in the aircraft hold, free of charge, given they also meet approved weight and dimensions as explained above. We encourage guests who wish to keep their hand baggage with them, especially due to tight connecting flights, to queue for boarding at their earliest convenience.

Hand baggage beyond the maximum weight and dimensions or second pieces (e.g. large handbags, backpacks, second hand baggage etc) will be subject to a charge of €80 per bag at the departure gate which can only be paid by card.

One additional piece of hand baggage like camera bags, small umbrellas, netbook/tablet cases and purses which do not exceed 35x20x20cm (ensuring they fit easily under the seat in front) may still be brought on board.

Guests whose baggage is placed in the hold should remove any valuables, medicines, electronic equipment, spare batteries, e-cigarettes, or any other item they might need during the flight. For security reasons guests are also invited to lock the bag before handing it  to our ground staff.

This policy applies to all our guests with an Economy ticket on all Air Malta flights, for both outbound and inbound travel.

Business Class ticket holders, Flypass Diamond & Permanent members and families travelling with young children are offered priority boarding. 


What you can take with you on the flight

Find out which Air Malta hand baggage you may take on board with you. If you are travelling with hand baggage only, check in online and save time from queuing at the airport!

How much can you bring?

Just as with checked-in baggage, the amount of Air Malta hand baggage you can take with you will depend on the travel class of your ticket.

Travel Class 
Maximum Dimensions 
Maximum Weight allowed 
Business Class
20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm
2 pieces x 15 kg total weight per person (1 piece x 10kg max) // Infants not entitled to hand baggage
20 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm
1 piece x 10 kg per person // Infants not entitled to hand baggage

As long as your Air Malta hand baggage complies with the above, it can be in any form, whether it is a backpack, shoulder bag, or a small rolling suitcase. Please note that you must be able to place and retrieve the item of baggage safely in the overhead lockers without assistance.

Any hand baggage exceeding these dimensions will not be accepted as hand baggage, and will count towards your checked-in baggage allowance

Oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate, or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft and charged the applicable rate. Applicable excess baggage fees for oversized cabin baggage refused at the Boarding Gate shall be payable only via credit card, and no cash payments are accepted. If you are unsure, check at the Bag Drop desk before going through security, where you will be advised if fees are applicable.

Other items you can take on board

Apart from the allowed weight for hand baggage, you are also allowed to take certain items with you on the flight. These include cameras, small umbrellas, netbook/tablet cases and purses. However, regulations may vary at the airport, so you may wish to pack these items in your main hand baggage or be prepared to do so when you arrive at the airport. 

To learn more about carriage of items such as equipment for children and musical instruments in the cabin, please visit the  special baggage section.

What’s not allowed as hand baggage?

Due to international regulations, there are some restrictions on what you can pack in your hand baggage. For instance, carrying ammunition and firearms in hand baggage is strictly not permitted. 

If you wish to review our baggage policies, please visit the Baggage Restrictions category here




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