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Flying with us means you don’t have to worry about how much luggage you can take on board. Not only do we offer generous allowances on baggage, but we offer great prices on extra baggage. If you’re planning to splurge on a shopping trip, or need to carry more items than usual, you might need to buy an Excess Baggage Voucher. It’s perfect for the compulsive shopper or the gift-givers sharing memories of a trip with loved ones on their return.

Where and When to Buy 

Have you gone a tad overboard on that shopping trip and can’t quite get your suitcase to close? Simply purchase one of our conveniently priced Excess Baggage Vouchers to make up the difference over our already generous baggage allowance.

Remember. It’s always advisable to buy your excess baggage well in advance, in order to avoid disappointment.

How does it work?

Buy your vouchers online to take advantage of cheaper online-exclusive rates.

1. Visit the Excess Baggage Purchasing Page here
2. Submit your details including flight number, destinations, dates and payment information
3. Receive an email with your vouchers 
4. Print your Excess Baggage Voucher and present it at check-in

Remember - you can buy your Excess Baggage Vouchers online up to 4 hours prior to the departure of your flight. Alternatively, you can simply present your extra piece of luggage for verification by our airport staff and request one of our vouchers.

More Baggage at Lower Prices

Carrying more with you on our flights is now more affordable than ever thanks to our low fees.

Remember: Excess Baggage Vouchers are sold in number of pieces

The rates below apply for purchases made at the airport prior to departure

Currency Add Weight to Free Piece
1st Extra Piece - Max 20 kg
1st Extra Piece Heavy 21 to 32 kg
Additional Piece - Max 20 kg  Additional Piece Heavy 21 to 32 kg Extra Pieces in Business - Max 32 kg   
70 120 
 100  150  70  
40 60 95 
80  120   60  
70 120 
 100  150  70  
65 90 155 
 130  195  90  
15,600 21,800 37,400 
 31,200  46,700  21,800  
CZK  1,355   1,895  3,250    2,710  4,065  1,895  
 TND  109  150  260   217  326  150  
 DZD  5,480  7,670   13,150   10,950  16,400 7,670  
 LYD  75  105   180   150  224  105  

The rates below apply for purchases made online:

Currency Add Weight to Free Piece
1st Extra Piece 
1st Extra Piece Heavy 
2 Extra Pieces 2 Extra Pieces Heavy Extra Pieces  Business  
50 90 
 140  220  50
32 40 72 
112 177 40
50 90
 140  220  50
52 65 118
 183  288  65
370 465 835
1,300  2,040 465
NOK 340  425  765 1,190 1,870 425


Read the Excess Baggage Terms and Conditions.


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