Flight updates and KM7828

Date:    Friday, 13 December 2013
Ref:     093-2013    

KM7828 – 13 December 2013
Air Malta flight KM7828 from Malta to Tel Aviv was this morning hit by lightning during the approach into the airport.  No one was injured and the aircraft landed safely in Tel Aviv.

A spokesperson for Air Malta said it is fairly normal in commercial aviation for aircraft to be struck by lightning and aircraft were protected and certified in this regard. Passengers, crew and aircraft were never in any danger.

The spokesperson added that standard procedure entails that the aircraft is checked after the flight. The airline is planning to operate a relief aircraft this evening with a team on engineers to service the aircraft, check all systems and certify it fit for flight. This aircraft is expected to arrive in Tel Aviv at around midnight.

As a consequence of this incident six other flights will be delayed as follows:

    • KM 624 from Malta to Milan will sustain a 4hr 50min delay and its updated departure time is 12.45PM
    • KM 514 from Malta to Vienna will sustain a 30min delay and its updated departure time will be 3PM
    • KM 328 from Malta to Frankfurt will sustain a 30 min delay and its updated departure time will be 3.50PM
    • KM146 from Malta to Manchester will sustain a 55min delay and its updated departure time will be 4.30PM
    • KM 642 from Malta to Catania will sustain a 1hr 45min delay and its updated departure time will be 6.35PM
    • KM 696 from Malta to Tripoli will sustain a 3hr 45min delay and its updated departure time will be 8.45PM

The return flights to Malta will operate around an hour after their arrival time at the foreign airport.

Air Malta, the spokesman said, gave utmost importance to the safety and well-being of its clients and crew and apologised to its clients for any inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond its control.

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