Air Malta updates policy on use of electronic devices in-flight

Date: Monday, 26th May 2014
Ref: 049–2014 EN

Keeping your electronic devices switched off during takeoff and landing will soon become a thing of the past as Air Malta embraces a new technological era. 

Starting from June 1st, Air Malta will be lifting many restrictions relating to the use of portable electronic devices on board its aircraft. Handheld devices, such as tablets, smartphones and e-readers will be allowed to be operated during all phases of the flight as long as they are set to ‘flight mode’ prior to departure.

“We are very pleased to announce that we can allow our passengers to use their electronic gadgets during all phases of flight, as long as they are placed in ‘flight mode’ before departure”. This will mark a new era in our in-flight experience, which I am very sure will go down well with our customers, especially frequent travellers,” said Philip Saunders, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer. 

Even though devices will have to be set to flight mode and phone calls are still prohibited, passengers are allowed to use their cameras, play video games, listen to music and read their e-Books, making their flight experience more personal. 

“For example, you can now take photos during your flight, even upon takeoff and landing, and upload them onto our Facebook page as soon as you land,” said Mr Saunders.

Portable electronic devices which transmit or receive communication signals must have a “flight mode” function in order to be used.

More information on rules for use of portable electronic devices can be found here. 

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