Air Malta Flight Disruption Due To High Pilot Sickness Levels (Updated)

This morning Air Malta has cancelled two scheduled flights to and from Benghazi, Milan and Newcastle. Flights to and from Tel Aviv, Paris-Orly, Cardiff, Budapest, Frankfurt, Vienna and Catania were seriously delayed. 

Air Malta regrets any inconvenience caused to passengers and will do its utmost to minimise disruption. So far over 2018 passengers have been impacted. It is likely that more flights will be delayed and some may be cancelled. The airline will do its utmost to provide transportation to passengers on alternative flights or on other airlines.

Air Malta advises passengers to check the latest situation which will be updated regularly on its website at

Since yesterday evening up to twenty Air Malta pilots have reported sick, resulting in major disruption to customers. This represents an extraordinary level of sickness reports amongst Air Malta’s community of 110 pilots – some nine times the normal average or 40% of the available pilot complement.

Air Malta is concerned that more pilots may call sick which could affect the airline’s flights for this morning and afternoon. The airline is scheduled to operate 30 flights today. 

The chart below outlines the operational situation to date:

Flight Number  Destination   
Status    Estimated Schedule time of departure Flight No.  Estimated time of Dep Overseas Airport  Estimated Arrival MLA 
 KM 7828  Tel Aviv  16 Sep  Delay - 5hrs20min  0715hrs (departed Malta)  KM7829  1010lt  1315 (landed)
 KM698  Benghazi  17 Sep  Canx  Canx  KM699  Canx  Canx
 KM466  Paris (Orly)  17 Sep  Delay - 1hr45min  1000hrs (departed Malta)  KM467  1350lt (departed)  1615 (landed)
 KM628   Milan (Malpensa)  17 Sep  Canx  Canx  KM629  Canx  Canx
 KM4206  Cardiff  17 Sep  Delay - 2hrs30min  1000hrs (departed Malta)  KM4207  1425lt (departed)  1740lt
 KM4248  Newcastle  17 Sep  Delay - 2hrs 15 min*  1600hrs  KM4249  2045lt  2345lt
 KM520  Budapest  17 Sep  Delay - 2hrs  1300hrs (departed Malta)  KM521  1700lt  1915lt
 KM328  Frankfurt  17 Sep  Delay - 1hr30mins  1700hrs  KM329  2035lt  2310lt
 KM514  Vienna  17 Sep  Delay - 2hrs   1820hrs  KM515  2135lt  2350lt
 KM4264  Norwich  17 Sep  Delay 2hrs 30 mins  1830hrs  KM4265  2230lt  0150lt/18Sep
 KM642  Catania  17 Sep  Delay - 1hr  2330hrs  KM643  0055hrs/18Sep  0140lt/18Sep


Air Malta will monitor the situation and update its passengers scheduled to depart on affected flights through its website , Facebook and twitter accounts.

For all delayed flights Air Malta asks its passengers to please follow original check-in times.



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