Air Malta In-flight Magazine Given New Fresh Look

This month Air Malta presented its monthly in-flight magazine Il-Bizzilla in a totally modern look. The magazine was given a complete makeover in the recent months with a new design that carries a fresh and modern tone in the hands of a recently appointed editor. This in order to keep on creating one of the best inflight magazines in the industry.  

The new design makes use of sharp lines that complement the layout and editorial elements of the magazine while allowing the feature spaces to breathe and flow easily. Following geometrical shapes such as linear or circular elements, the redesign of Il-Bizzilla took on a new image; that of style and elegance.

Throughout the issues, bigger pictures will be used so as to ensure that the readers’ journey is as pleasant as possible. While filling larger spaces with eye-capturing pictures; a lot of the areas were spaced out allowing for more white space giving the readers an area within the page to rest their eyes. The juxtaposition of colourful imagery and blank areas within the publication offers a more modern look and feel.

In order to further enhance the new design, a matte cover finish was adopted with a structured look allowing for clarity and absolute aesthetic appeal.

Apart from an exceptional new design, some editorial features have also been added on to vary the content and improve the quality of the text that makes any Air Malta flight more enjoyable. Starting off with a feature titled Talk of the Town, where a focus on a local city, village, town or collection of localities are focused on for the month’s issue, highlighting the major Maltese attractions with a cultural or historical focus or by tapping into the entertainment sphere and pin-pointing the top spots to visit within the area.

A new feature that will transport readers into an entirely new world, much like travelling itself, is the Fiction Section, that uses the city highlighted in Talk of the Town as inspiration for an engaging and freeing piece where one’s imagination can run wild. Another element that promotes relaxation and ensures easy reading comes with the introduction of shorter, varied articles that allow for quick reads on many topics within the issue.

The new face of Il-Bizzilla took time and effort to take form and both the airline and the publishers intend to continue working together to continue improving this publication. Enhancements and changes will continue so as to make the national airline’s magazine a joy to read and a token of the heritage of the Maltese Islands.

Il-Bizzilla is one of the most read and loved magazines in Malta. We must realize that for many tourist it’s the first and as well last encounter with Malta, and many holiday plans are made based on the magazine. Together with our publishers we strive to offer the best possible topical and entertaining content for our wide spectrum of guests. A lot of work goes into the publication of this magazine and I am confident that the new more modern layout and content will go down well and will offer our guests a unique reading experience”, said Joe Galea, Air Malta’s Acting CEO.

“Working on Il-Bizzilla requires not only a passion for writing and publishing in general… but also a sheer love for Maltese culture and the Maltese Islands, together with an eye for detail, the creativity to further improve a national gem as well as time, lots and lots of time. I’m proud of our redesign and our new features and I know that in time every element that we’ve implemented will once again improve,” said Kristina Cassar Dowling, Editor of Il-Bizzilla.

One can read electronic versions of the magazine by visiting Air Malta’s website:

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