Statement by the Chairman and Board of Directors of Air Malta

Date: Wednesday, 15th April 2020
Ref: 037-2020 EN

Statement by the Chairman and Board of Directors of Air Malta

The Chairman and Board of Directors of Air Malta has taken note of the thread of comments on social media and also of the underlying theme of the latest ALPA press reply both of which single out and victimise unjustifiably the Air Malta CEO Captain Clifford Chetcuti.

The Board unanimously reiterates and reassert its support and trust in the CEO and in the manner in which himself and the Senior Management Team are handling the precarious situation of the Airline in current COVID-19 situation and the implications it is having on the Company.

These personal attacks against officials of the company who are executing company policy with the sole aim of ensuring the continuing viability of the National Airline will not be tolerated and will serve to further diminish the trust in good faith discussions with the union in question.

All measures taken and processes implemented to date by the Management of the Company have had the prior unanimous approval of the Board.

Moreover, the Board also approves that industrial relations be conducted by the Chief Human Resources Officer, the related section Chief Officers and assisted by the Company’s legal advisor.

The measures being implemented by the Company are not dis-similar to what other airlines are doing in the circumstances in order to safeguard the sustainability of the Company whilst planning for the post COVID global aviation situation.

In the meantime, the proposal being made to the employees and the representatives were intended primarily to safeguard the jobs of all employees – these jobs will only be safeguarded if it is ensured that the Airline will again rise strongly on its feet to retain and secure efficient connectivity between Malta and the rest of the world as it has been doing for the last 45 years .

The Board will continue in its primary duty of ensuring the sustainability of the Company and will continue in its unwavering support for the CEO and the Senior Management Team as they implement this task as directed by the Board.

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