Air Malta carries Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to the Islands

Date: Monday 11th January 2021

Ref: 001-2021 EN

Air Malta carries Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to the Islands

Last night Air Malta flight KM423 from Brussels to Malta transported the first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to the Islands. More consignments are expected in the coming weeks. This vaccine is the second vaccine authorized for use in the European Union

Over the last few months Air Malta has been preparing to carry such consignments by getting the necessary certifications and updating its operational processes and procedures. Such changes have also enabled the Airline to use the passengers’ cabin to carry humanitarian and medical equipment and supplies in an expedited but safe manner thus maximising capacity of the Airline’s fleet.

Commenting upon the arrival of the vaccine at Malta International Airport, Air Malta’s Executive Chairman, David G. Curmi, said, “We are thrilled to be part of this global effort to transport this vaccine and help our Islands achieve immunity against this disease which has caused so much suffering to the world’s population. COVID-19 has thrown the air transport industry into a deep crisis, but the industry will ultimately be the main driver to help end this pandemic. Air Malta will continue being of strategic importance to the Islands by stepping up and offering support when the need arises.”

Over the past months and considering the unprecedented circumstances, Air Malta proudly carried more than 2,600 tonnes of cargo between import, export and transit shipments which included medicine, vaccines, personal protective equipment, microelectronics, mail and perishables. The Airline, through its cargo section, also organised special freighter charters for the Maltese Government to carry hundreds of tons of additional medical supplies, radioactive material required for several treatments at Mater Dei Hospital, and other lifesaving medication. This year Air Malta was also entrusted to carry the seasonal influenza vaccine to the Islands.


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