International Call Centre

You may call Air Malta's Call Centre in order to make your reservation over the telephone. The numbers below may be dialled from a fixed or mobile phone service in the particular country only. Unless specifically stated, calls from mobile phones may be charged at a higher rate.

Country  Contact Number  Charge 
Malta  2166 2211  *
UK  0207 660 0543 
Austria  0820 901 271
€ 0.39/Minute
Belgium  0902-33427  € 0.74/Minute 
France  0826 102223 € 0.18/Minute
Germany  01806 203040 € 0.20
Ireland  00353 1 6050387  *
Italy  199 259 103  € 0.15/Call + €0.30/Minute
Netherlands   0900 2030601   € 0.15/Minute. 
Norway  0820 50512  0.59 Norwegian Kr/Call + 6.60 Norwegian Kr/Minute
Russian Federation  0074 954118203   *
Sweden  0900 203 0029  10 Swedish Kr/Minute.
Switzerland  0900 000 405  0.36 Swiss Francs/Minute.
United States of America
1-866-668-4820  Toll Free (U.S Only)
*Calls are charged at the regular local tariff as set by the telephony service provider being used. 


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