Cabin Crew Training Courses

Cabin Crew Training Courses  

Air Malta plc prides itself in its very own Cabin Crew Training Course in Malta designed and delivered by Instructors with over 15 years of training experience. This Cabin Crew course is especially designed for aspiring Cabin Crew to achieve the Attestation to fly with any EASA approved airline.

Our training courses are regulated and endorsed by the local transport authority. At the end of the training, trainees who successfully pass through this training are awarded with an Attestation and an Air Malta Cabin Crew certificate. Trainees will be given the A319 and A320 type rating which are the two aircraft types in the Air Malta fleet.

The Air Malta Cabin Crew Training course in Malta, consists of a combination of both theoretical and practical components. These components include the legally required Cabin Crew initial training elements and those associated with guest centricity. This takes place in a combination of class room based and mock-up cabin environments so that trainees learn in the most realistic environments as possible.

Air Malta does not guarantee employment to any of its trainees. However, by completing this training, trainees will become eligible to apply for any Cabin Crew vacancies Air Malta may issue from time to time. The Air Malta A320 Family Cabin Crew Certification is the only approved Cabin Crew course valid for employment with Air Malta.


What you will learn:

 Upon completing this full-time training you will have the skills to:

·         Manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances

·         Exercise emergency and safety procedures

·         Understand the Cabin Crew profession, its origins and current practices

·         Identify aircraft types and relevant Cabin Crew functions

Course Details:

Air Malta does not have any courses open for application. To receive email notifications regarding the next Cabin Crew Training Courses submit your email here.


Course Outline:

The below non-exhaustive list is the Cabin Crew Training programme in brief:

·         Airbus Overview

·         Safety and Emergency Procedures

·         Emergency Equipment

·         Fire and Smoke on Board

·         Communication Systems

·         Water Survival

·         Airport Security

·         First Aid

·         Food Hygiene

·         In-flight Service

·         Guest Centricity


Training Fee

A one time non-refundable fee will apply. This fee is paid once the trainee is confirmed on the training course.


Selection Process

  1. Eligible applicants (i.e. those applicants who meet the minimum requirements) are called in for the Verification stage whereby documents and certificates are checked against our established criteria.

  2. Successful candidates are called in for the Assessment day, consisting of psychometric testing and ability testing.

  3. Shortlisted candidates are then called in for a one-to-one interview.

  4. Selected individuals are then sent for the Medical examination with our Aeronautical Medical Examiner.

  5. Certified individuals are informed that they have been successful throughout the process and called in to settle their training fee and sign a Training Agreement.

Certificate Awarded:

On successful completion of training you will be in possession of an EASA Cabin Crew Attestation. Air Malta will also issue a Cabin Crew Certificate to all trainees who successfully complete this training.


Who can apply?

In order to be eligible to join on this training, applicants must be:

·         Over 18 years of age

·         Must be physically fit and able to swim at least 25 metres unaided

·         Able to reach up to 212cm while standing on tiptoes and arms stretched

·         Must have a positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service within a team

·         Must be well-groomed with no visible tattoos

·         Must have a friendly and outgoing personality with a flair for customer service

·         Must have an excellent personal presentation, style and image


·         Must be fluent in written and spoken Maltese and English (additional languages are desirable).

·         Trainees must be in possession of a valid passport.

·         Must hold a clean police conduct certificate.

·         Must have a minimum of 5 O’ levels of grade 5/C or better which includes Maltese, English and Mathematics (and any 2 others). If the 5 O level criteria is not fully satisfied the below will be considered.

i.            A minimum of 6 months experience as Cabin Crew or a valid Cabin Crew Attestation

ii.            A minimum of 5 years experience within the Aviation Industry

iii.            Diploma in a relevant field such as Tourism, Hospitality or Management at MQF level 5 or better


Air Malta / Testimonials

 “Having been trained intensively both in safety and in service definitely helped me to ensure the best customer experience for our clients. “

Debbie Schembri, Cabin Crew since April 2016


“Definitely one of the most enjoyable and challenging training I have ever experienced. Thanks to Air Malta's highly professional instructors, during the six weeks of intensive training, we were trained on how to handle emergency situations in a calm and effective manner. In a few words, during this remarkable course, we were sharpened to excel in safety, satisfy passengers’ expectations and ensure more happy landings to our passengers. "

Emerson Vassallo, Cabin Crew since April 2016


“The training experience was really intense and I was really impressed by how well prepared and professional the trainers were in all areas. Life as a cabin crew with Air Malta is very rewarding; safety is given a priority and guest centricity is highly valued. I am very grateful that I am part of the Air Malta family and proud to have been trained by the airline of the Maltese islands. “

Jeanelle Azzopardi, Cabin Crew since 2012, Joined Air Malta in August 2016


“Air Malta training has been very effective and productive. It gives crew the sufficient knowledge how to proceed in case of on board emergencies and other essential procedures regarding safety and security. “

Alexia Navarro, Cabin Crew since 2005, Joined Air Malta in August 2016


Success Stories:

Air Malta / Success Stories

Alexander Frendo, Cabin Crew since April 2016, Air Malta plc


Hi, I’m Alexander, I am a Cabin Crew with Air Malta and this is my story:

From a very young age I always had a passion towards aviation. I was fascinated with flying and the origins of aviation. . I remember my first air shows with my father we watched the high performance jets performing all their tricks! It was so exciting for a 7 year old! Following that experience, my mind was determined - I wanted to become a commercial pilot. Thirteen years later I joined a local aviation school. In the meantime I had the wish to experience a job in the same industry, so I applied for the Air Malta Cabin Crew Training course. Cabin Crew Following a selection process, I made it to the Initial training Course which was spread over a period of seven weeks. It was an intensive course but luckily our dedicated Instructors made it fun.

After successfully completing this training, I also made it through the recruitment process and was offered the job! My first familiarisation flight was to Amsterdam, and thankfully the rest of the crew made me feel welcome. One of the aspects that I really like being a Cabin Crew is that I get to work with different colleagues. This gave me the opportunity to learn and become open to new ideas and perspectives.  It has only been a few months since I joined the Air Malta family and I absolutely love it. I enjoy interacting with people and also experiencing the different cultures. I also get the privilege to interact with the pilots who are always very helpful to provide a word of advice for my future career.

I take pride in my job, and am always eager to provide a warm and friendly service. Needless to say that safety comes first, and this is the very first thing the Instructors on the training course ingrain in the new trainees! Working long hours and nights might be challenging at times but on the other hand I don’t really mind it since I consider the role of Cabin Crew as an enjoyable experience and appreciate every moment.


Air Malta / Success Stories

Denise Bugeja, Cabin Crew since 2012, Joined Air Malta in August 2016

Hi, I’m Denise, I am a Cabin Crew with Air Malta and this is my story:

Five months ago I started training with Air Malta. Whilst the training was very challenging, I must say that the Instructors were very competent and helpful. For sure this is done to ensure that new cabin crew are well prepared for every circumstance. The training absolutely exceeded my expectations!

Once I started flying I realised that the rewards you reap from the job are priceless. You get to work with amazing colleagues, test your limits and work on them in order to become more efficient, think critically and meet different people from all over the globe. During the flight, cabin crew need to adhere to the standards that are expected from a flag carrier, whilst providing an exceptional service in order to give passengers a safe and remarkable journey.  

This is just a glimpse. A glimpse of the office in the sky!


Air Malta / Success Stories

Andrea Zammit, Cabin Crew since April 2016, Air Malta plc

Hi, I’m Andrea, I am a Cabin Crew with Air Malta and this is my story:

Prestige, pride and honour, are a few thoughts that used to cross my mind whenever I came across a member of Air Malta’s crew. It was time for me to experience new opportunities and as soon as I heard Air Malta were once again training new crew, I filled in an application, and from that moment on, I never looked back. From the intriguing selection process to being accepted to start the training programme, I knew that this was going to be an experience of a lifetime.

The training programme was detailed and gave me insight and the necessary skills needed to perform cabin crew duties competently. After successful completion of training, it was time for me to wear the elegant uniform and exhibit what I had learnt. From my first flight as cabin crew I felt part of the Air Malta’s family and nowadays I can proudly say that together with my colleagues I get to welcome, attend to and keep passengers safe whilst enjoying the marvellous and exclusive picturesque scenery from the sky!

For more information you may contact the Air Malta Training team on  [email protected]



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