New Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I purchased my ticket before the 10AUG15 and need to know whether the conditions agreed to at time of purchase are still applicable

A. Yes, ticket conditions applicable at time of purchase will still apply.

Q. I had purchased my ticket prior to the 10AUG15 and would like to know whether I can still carry more than one piece of checked baggage and if baggage pooling is still applicable.

A. Tickets purchased prior to the 10AUG15 will still be allowed to carry more than one piece of checked baggage (free of charge to a maximum to a max of 20kgs) but baggage pooling will not be allowed

Q. Where can I find the best rates available to travel on Air Malta?

A. The best rates can be purchased online through The ‘Simply Fly’, which also includes 1 piece of checked luggage per passenger (20 Kg), offers these best rates.

Q. Can I purchase a ticket with flexibility when travelling in Economy Class on Air Malta?

A. Yes, Air Malta offers 2 flexible products in Economy Class. These are the ‘Best Value’ and ‘Spoil Yourself’ products. Partial refund and changes are allowed for ‘Best Value’ tickets, while full flexibility is permitted for ‘Spoil Yourself’ tickets.

Q. Can I pre-reserve seats in advance on Air Malta?

A. Yes, customers can always pre-reserve seats in advance. Different prices apply for the different products and seat types. However if you are holding a ‘Best Value’ ticket most of the seats can be pre-reserved for free. All seats can be pre-reserved for free if a ‘Spoil Yourself’ ticket is purchased or if one is travelling in Business Class.

Q. Am I entitled to free checked-in baggage?

A. Yes, all customers are entitled to free checked-in baggage. 1 Piece of 20Kg per passenger is allowed for the ‘Simply Fly’ and ‘Best Value’ products, while the ‘Spoil Yourself’ product entitles you to 2 free pieces of 20Kg each. Passengers travelling in ‘Business Basic’ and ‘Business Value’ are also entitled to 2 free pieces of 20Kg each while passengers in ‘Business Anytime’ are entitled to 2 free pieces of 32Kg each. Furthermore, anyone can purchase additional baggage allowance online (at a reduced rate) or at the airport prior to departure.

Q. I am travelling with children. Am I entitled to a discount?

A. Accompanied children who purchase tickets from the ‘Best Value’ and ‘Spoil Yourself’ products are entitled to a 25% discount on the fare value. Children are also entitled to the same baggage allowance as their accompanying adults. Infants only pay 10% of the fare.

Q. I have purchased a ticket on Air Malta and I now want to cancel it. Am I entitled to a refund?

A. Yes, you are entitled to a 25% refund if you are holding a ‘Best Value’ ticket, while a full refund (less an administration fee) will be given if you have purchased a ‘Spoil Yourself’ or ‘Business Anytime’ ticket. Additionally, if you have purchased your tickets through and you have cancelled your reservation within the first 24 hours, a full refund(less an administration fee) will be given back. This does not apply if you are holding a ‘Simply fly’ ticket.

Q. Am I entitled to frequent flyer points when travelling with Air Malta?

A. The majority of Air Malta tickets carry a number of frequent flyer points. Different products have different allowances. For more details please refer to the Flypass information pages.

Q. Am I allowed to carry hand baggage aboard Air Malta?

A. Yes. All passengers travelling in Economy Class are allowed 1 piece (10Kg) each, while those travelling in Business Class are entitled to 2 pieces (15Kg maximum) each.

Q. I have booked a ticket but I am unable to travel on the day. Can I change my ticket?

A. Yes, all tickets can be exchanged to a different flight on the same or different day. Different charges will apply, depending on the product type one has purchased. The ‘Spoil Yourself’ and ‘Business Anytime’ products do not have any charges, and only the difference in fare (if any) will apply to change the ticket.

Q. Can I check-in online?

A. ONLINE CHECK IN OPENS 24 HOURS BEFORE DEPARTURE. Yes, for those destinations applicable, all passengers can check-in online from the comfort of their own accommodation. Designated drop off bag counters are also available at such airports. Checking-in online will make travelling more comfortable on the day of departure, without having to queue for your boarding card. Air Malta is striving to make this service available at all airports in the near future.

Q. I have purchased a ticket but I am unable to travel. Can I give my ticket to someone else?

A. Yes all tickets can be transferred to other passengers. Different rates and charges will apply, depending on the type of product purchased.

Q. I am travelling in Business Class. Am I entitled to free lounge access?

A. Yes, if one is holding a 'Business Basic', ‘Business Value’ or ‘Business Anytime’ ticket, lounge access is available for free. All our Diamond members can make use of lounge facilities regardless of the ticket they purchase.

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