In-Flight Catering


Business Class Meal

Business Class passengers will be offered either a cold meal or a hot meal according to the length of their flight. Furthermore, when travelling in Business Class all drinks, both hot and cold, are complimentary to all our passengers.

Customers who have any dietary requirements or religious preferences are encouraged to pre-order their specific meal up until 48 hours before their flight.  This can be done by calling our Sales Office: +356 2299 9884 or our Call Centre: +356 21 662 211.

Please refer to the below list, which clearly displays the different types of special meals that we offer to our Business Class Passengers:

•    Muslim Meal
•    Child Meal
•    Diabetic Meal
•    Lactose Free Meal
•    Gluten Free Meal
•    Vegan Meal
•    Seafood Meal
•    Low Fat Meal
•    Low Sodium Meal
•    Low Calorie Meal
•    Fruit Platter

Economy Class Snack

We are very pleased to be offering our Economy Class passengers a complimentary snack and a small bottle of water on all our flights except on Catania and Djerba routes and other similar very short routes. Our snack consists of a bread roll which is served with various fillings that are changed according to the different flight times during the day.

Sky Bar Menu

We also offer a wide selection of products through our unique Sky Bar Menu, from which our customers have the choice to purchase other food and drink items. All items displayed on our Sky Bar Menu can be purchased by any of our customers travelling onboard our flights, including both Business and Economy Class passengers. We apologise in advance if your choice is not available. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Cabin Crew for further assistance onboard your flight.

*We cannot assure our customers that the cabin is free from food allergens.
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