Holidays in Malta

Planning your holidays in Malta? Great idea.

The best holidays in Malta start here. Discover  the island's 360 days of sunshine and experience the Maltese islands like a local. Dive into the Mediterranean culture, relax by the crystal blue waters, learn about the island’s colourful history and fall in love with the charming towns and villages. Plan ahead and benefit from cheap flights to Malta. Find out more about what to do on your holidays in Malta here.

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Discover the Island like a Local

Holidays in Malta are great fun, especially when you’ve got insider tips from a local. Our team at Air Malta are here to guide you to the very best of what Malta has to offer!

Flying to and from Malta is rather easy, located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is a hub that transports travellers to and from other European countries. Flying in to Malta means one sure thing - sunshine. With approximately 360 days of sunshine per year, our island is a haven for all those looking to escape the winter chill and enjoy the warmth of the sun in the Med. With our flexible guide below you’ll be able to live like a local while enjoying your holidays in Malta. 

The first step is pretty straight forward…booking your cheap flights to Malta

Deciding when to visit the magical islands depends on your preferred adventure. The ways to spend time in Malta are endless, visiting in the summer months means you have easy access to the beaches and can enjoy the nightlife into the early hours of the morning. Travelling to Malta in winter opens up new opportunities to go trekking, take great photographs in the countryside as well as other activities.


Spring Holidays in Malta

Springtime in Malta is beautiful - the weather is mild and the flora on the island is incredible. The greenery that surrounds most of the Northern villages in Malta, and pretty much the entire island of Gozo, is in full bloom giving travellers and locals alike the opportunity for exciting outdoor activities. Here are three locations to visit in spring:

Dingli Cliffs for a Spectacular View

Visiting Dingli in the Spring is perfect. The best time to go is just before sunset, the sky carries a warm pink hue and sets your mood for the rest of the evening. If you’re lucky, you’ll also encounter some grazing sheep, huddled together by their faithful shepherd.

Dingli Cliffs - Holidays in Malta

Viewpoint: Pretty much the entire panoramic view set against Dingli Cliffs is jaw dropping but make sure Filfla is in sight. Remember to bring your camera on this trip, you’ll need it!


Take a trip to Selmun and make your way to the viewpoint. Selmun provides the ideal area for a picnic with friends or a short walk through the countryside.

Selmun Castle - Holidays in Malta

Look out for: the abandoned Selmun Palace, the best view point is at this archaic building and boasts a stunning view of St Paul’s Islands. 

Sliema Promenade

Spring is the perfect season to take a brisk walk along the Sliema Promenade, watching the waves or making your way to the rocky beaches for an evening drink. Whether you walk up or down the promenade you’ll be pleasantly welcomed by some excellent kiosks serving a selection of drinks as well as snacks late into the night. 

Sliema - Holidays in Malta

Try: a Maltese ftira from one of the kiosks overlooking the sea. The promenade is loaded with options, find your pick and enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun as it sets onto the Mediterranean Sea. 

Summer Holidays in Malta

Summer is what the Maltese live for, the best way to live like a local is to spend a couple of days by the sea, enjoy a delicious fish dinner or find a great spot to listen to a live band with a cold Cisk in hand. These are some of the top summer spots:

Ramla Bay’s Red Sand

The red sand of Ramla Bay in Gozo is a stunning sight in itself. Relaxing on Ramla Bay is most probably the best way to spend your summer afternoon. Lay your beach towel on the warm sand and relax to the gentle sound of the waves. Remember to slap some sunblock on though as the Maltese sun is very strong in the summer!

Ramla Bay - Holidays in Malta

Top Tip: Prior to your beach day make your way to Calypso’s Cave and hit the viewpoint for a splendid view of Ramla Bay, the cliffs that flank the bay and the beautiful horizon in the distance.

Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Even though Comino is just as great in the winter months for hikes and adventures, the crystal clear waters are hard to resist so a summer trip might serve you better. Pack your snorkelling gear, you might be fortunate enough to see a starfish or seahorse in the azure water beneath. 

Comino - Holidays in Malta

Picture by Air Malta guest, Steve Congrave

Top Tip: Check the departure times for the shuttle service, if you miss the last boat out, you will need to prepare yourself for a night on the tiny rock. 


The district that never sleeps pumps music and serves various drinks throughout the night. Paceville is a haven for all the night owls out there. If you’re interested in dancing the night away to the top hits then this is definitely the place for you.

Paceville - Holidays in Malta

Hack: Shop around before you commit to a club, entrance is free so take your pick and settle in to the environment. Alternatively, bar hop your way through the streets of Paceville.

Autumn Holidays in Malta

The Autumn in Malta is so satisfying. It’s not too hot but not quite cold enough to bring out the wooly jumpers so your energy levels are soaring. Keep your eyes peeled for any local events in the city’s museums during the Autumn months. Here are three top locations: 

Buskett - Malta’s Woodland

Buskett is a woodland in Malta that was introduced by the Knights of the Order of St John as a hunting ground. Locals generally visit this forest-like area for Sunday picnics with the family. Your best bet is to make your way to Buskett for the early afternoon to beat the crowds and find a spot in the sun.

Buskett - Holidays in Malta

Look out for: the tadpoles in the flowing water that runs through Buskett. The fresh water running through the woodland is not fit for drinking but there’s no harm in splashing about a little.

Gozo, every nook and cranny

Gozo is a dream. The quieter and greener version of Malta with a more laid-back approach. Whatever the season, you’ll most definitely feel energised and relaxed after a few days on the island. In Autumn there’s nothing better than a pleasant trip to the sister island for a well-deserved break. 

Gozo - Holidays in Malta

Visit: Ta’ Pinu for a religious experience or find your way to Victoria, the capital with a stunning Citadel and an open market every Sunday. 


Rabat boasts some of Malta’s most stunning Cave Churches such as St Paul’s Catacombs or St Agatha’s Complex where some of the oldest frescoes can be found and serve as a cultural trip back in time. The village vibe is thrilling, far different from the hustle and bustle of Valletta or the central localities. 

Rabat - Holidays in Malta

Try: Malta’s best pastizzi from the local’s top pastizzerija, Is-Serkin - a tiny bar with the flakiest peacakes and cheesecakes on the island. Get one of each and a tea and you’re good to go.

Winter Holidays in Malta

Winters in Malta are mild, the lowest recorded temperature is 1℃, so there’s not much to worry about here. You should pack a waterproof jacket for your trip as you could experience spouts of rain on certain days. Travelling around the island in winter is no major feat though, here are the three locations you should visit in winter:

The Silent City - Mdina

The old capital is also known as the Silent City and although the streets are seldom empty, the name is still quite well suited. Walk around this medieval town and take a look at the Muslim architecture that is entirely different from the general Baroque styles in Valletta or Birgu. 

Mdina - Holidays in Malta

Top Tip: Treat yourself to a slice of Chocolate Cake in one of Mdina’s famous tea shops. 


The choices for entertainment in Valletta are endless. The list of museums, the variety restaurants, the stylish bars and the different fashion outlets that are dotted around the grid plan of Valletta are surely going to keep you occupied in the winter months. Be sure to check opening hours for museums and book a table at your preferred restaurant a few hours before you plan to visit to avoid disappointment. 

Valletta - Holidays in Malta

Picture by Air Malta guest, Ryan Falzon

Must See: St John’s Co-Cathedral is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Valletta. Remember to look up, the frescoes on the ceiling are stunning, Mattia Preti’s Life of St John is definitely worth seeing.

Birgu - One of the Three Cities

The Three Cities are magnificent, Birgu, Bormla and Isla all carry some cultural worth but Birgu is the best city to enjoy a meal on the waterfront. Also in the vicinity is the marina, where superyachts and modern sailors can be spotted tending to their boats. A spot of people watching is always entertaining, and Birgu is an excellent place to do so.

Birgu - Holidays in Malta

Visit: the Collegiate Church of St Lawrence for a glance at the beautifully adorned church, the spectacular paintings by Stefano Erardi and the brilliant square in front of the building. 


Whatever the season, Malta is always a good choice due to its versatile entertainment options, the warm weather and the possibility to travel around with ease. Discover more of the island by booking your cheap flights today


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