Managing my Flypass Account

Q1.Q - Can I check my statement online?

A – Yes, Flypass Online services are available to all our members.

Q2.Q - How do I earn Flypass KMiles from my flight activity?

A – You earn valuable KMiles when you travel with Air Malta. You can obtain a list of the applicable KMiles levels by clicking here.

Q3.Q - What other ways can I earn Flypass KMiles?

A - For other ways to earn Flypass KMiles and the list of our Flypass Partners, click here.

Q4.Q - What are the rules for Expiring KMiles?

A - Any mileage not redeemed within 24 months of the date of accrual (date of flight, date of bonus or Partner KMiles) will expire at the end of that quarter (e.g. miles expiring in August of any given year would expire at the end of September of that same year)

Permanent or Diamond card holders are exempt of the mileage expiry condition.

Q5.Q – What should I do to get credit for KMiles not originally posted?

A – Please forward the relevant documentation to the Flypass Unit, clearly stating your Flypass number. Kindly allow 45 working days for processing requirements.

Q6.Q - How often is my Account updated?

A - For travelling with Air Malta, flight activity information is normally updated within 15 days from the date of travel. Postings for Promotions or other Flypass partners are updated every 60 days.

Occasionally KMiles will take a little longer to post.

Q7. Q - What are the rules for Flypass Accounts validity?

A - If a member does not have at least one KMiles' accrual within two years from last activity date, the Flypass account will close and unredeemed KMiles are automatically forfeited. 

After a twenty-four (24) month period during which the member does not fly with Air Malta or with the Program Partners, the Company reserves the right to close the account and void the KMiles in the account.


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