Q1.Q - I have some questions concerning Flypass. Where can I look for the answers?

A - Our website provides a wealth of information on the Flypass programme. Click here to learn more about it. If you still have any unanswered questions, you can contact the Flypass Unit service desk on   (+356) 2599 1239 or e-mail.

Q2.Q – If I have changed my family name, how do I update my account details?

A - To change your name on a Flypass account, we will ask you to send us a copy of a legal document reflecting the correct name, such as your driver's licence, marriage certificate or passport.

Please send your request to:

Flypass Unit 
Air Malta plc, SkyParks Malta International Airport 
Luqa LQA4000
E-mail Address


Q3.Q - Can I transfer my KMiles to another airline’s programme?

A – No. You are not allowed to transfer KMiles in the Flypass programme to any other airline’s programme. Nor can you transfer any mileage you accumulate within another airline’s programme to our Flypass programme.

Q4.Q - When are Bonus/Partner KMiles posted to my account?

A - Bonus miles are posted approximately 8 weeks following fulfillment of the requirements.

Q5.Q - If I have more than one Flypass account, can I transfer the balances to just one account?

A - Yes you can, provided that the name and address are identical on each account and that you have no more than 5,000 KMiles in the account which will no longer be used. This can be done by contacting the Flypass service desk on  (+356) 2599 1239.

If you have more than 5,000 KMiles in the account which will no longer be used or if you need to combine more than two accounts, please send a written request to: 

Flypass Unit 
Air Malta plc, SkyParks Malta International Airport
Luqa LQA4000


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