Claiming Awards

Q1.Q - Do I need an award certificate before booking a reservation?

A - No. For your convenience, we do not issue paper award certificates for Flypass Travel Awards.

Q2.Q – For how long is my award valid?

A - Once ticketed, you will have one month from the issuing of the ticket in which to travel, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Q3.Q - Can I claim an award for someone else?

A - Yes. You may designate an immediate relative when claiming an award.

Q4.Q - What can I do if I claim an award and am not subsequently able to use it?

A - Once ticketed, you will have one month from the issuing of the ticket in which to travel, unless specified otherwise. Flypass KMiles can be reinstated for unused and unexpired award tickets upon due return of the ticket and upon payment of a processing fee accordingly. KMiles cannot be reinstated for "no-show” passengers.

Q5.Q – Can KMiles be redeemed for unaccompanied minors?

A – No, unaccompanied minors` tickets cannot be booked by redeeming KMiles.

Q6.Q – Can KMiles be redeemed for travel in different award zones?

A – Yes, should the airport of departure and the final destination be located in different zones. The higher award zone always applies and is used for mileage redemption. Once ticket has been issued, it cannot be changed to a different destination and Malta must be part of the itinerary. Example; award ticket issued from Malta to London cannot be exchanged for a new routing from Malta to Brussels. Same original routing needs to be retained.

Q7.Q – Can KMiles be reinstated for unused and unexpired free airfare award tickets?

A – Yes, subject to a Flypass member informing Flypass Unit to cancel the award flight at least one day prior to the commencement of travel. A processing fee of € 69.00 and a non-refundable service fee of € 15.00 are applicable per award ticket.


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