Booking an Award

Q1.Q - How do I make a reservation using my Flypass KMiles?

A - To make a reservation using your Flypass KMiles, please contact the Flypass Unit on   (+356) 2599 1239 or E-mail

Q2.Q - How many days in advance do I need to make my standard award reservation?

A – In order to avoid processing fees, a standard award reservation can be made between 7 and 45 days of the travel date.  If the award request is made in the last 7 days prior to departure, an additional express processing fee of € 69.00 will apply. If you would like to book the standard travel award as far as 6 months prior to departure, you can benefit from BOOK AHEAD. A minimal fee of € 69.00 per award is applicable.

Q3.Q - How do I place my Flypass award booking on a courtesy hold?

A - You can place an award booking on a 7-day courtesy hold, provided you are booking more than 5 days prior to departure.  Award requests made less than 7 days prior to departure incur a late-processing fee of € 69 for each such request.

Q4.Q - How do I change or cancel my award travel reservation?

A - Please contact the Flypass Unit on   (+356) 2599 1239 to make any changes to an award travel reservation.  Changes to your award ticket will entail a re-booking fee of € 69 per change.

Q5.Q - Can KMiles be redeemed for re-booking flights?

A - No, the applicable re-bookings charges apply as per ticket conditions. Any applicable difference between original fare paid and new fare may also be applicable.

Q6.Q - Are the same number of KMiles required for a child travelling on an award as for an adult?

A - There is no distinction between a child and an adult. The same number of KMiles are required in either case.

Q7.Q – For how long is my ticket valid?

A - Travel on an award ticket must be completed within three months from the commencement of travel. No time extension will be possible after ticket issuance unless it is within the three month period. If you would like to change dates within the three month validity, you are to inform the Flypass Unit. A fee of € 69.00 per change is applicable.

Q8.Q – Are there any charges associated with an award booking?

A – The Flypass member must settle all departure taxes and service fee of € 15.00 upon ticket issuance. If award request is claimed less than 7 days prior to departure date, an additional express processing fee of € 69.00 will apply.

Q9.Q - Can a Business Class Upgrade award be requested on Air Malta scheduled flight?

A – Yes, provided that the ticket has been issued on Air Malta documentation only, starting with reference number 643. Business class upgrade request is to be forwarded to Flypass Unit after ticket is issued in economy class at the applicable rate. Flight segments booked in N, S, and W class cannot be upgraded to Business Class. All awards are subject to availability.

Q10.Q - Can a Business Class Upgrade award be requested on same date of departure?

A - No, Business Class Upgrade awards cannot be requested on the same day of departure.


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