With a permanent population of four residents and one visiting priest and a policeman, the rugged island of Comino conjures up pleasant thoughts of dreamy island happiness. Indeed, only a few minutes from Malta’s mainland, the island of Comino presents a pleasant day of surprises.


The name ‘Comino’ is derived from the herb ‘cumin’ which grows abundantly in the 3.5 square kilometer island. Botanists have studied this ancient seed well since the second millennium BC. Experience the pleasant herb aroma as you take a stroll through the island’s pathways. Don’t forget to carry your camera as photo-opportunities abound in what today is a natural reserve and bird-sanctuary.

Well known for it’s Blue Lagoon , Comino sports a sheltered bay of shimmering, clear water – easily accessible through the several boat trip operators in Malta or Gozo. However there’s more to see beyond the lagoon – Comino is steeped in caves, creeks and grottos which lend themselves well to scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or even climbing. Watch out for sunken treasures as you swim as these caves were popular with corsairs (pirates) in the Middle Ages. 

While hunting may be frowned upon today, it was indeed the main sport on Comino from many years. When the Knights arrived in Malta in the early sixteenth century, Comino was home to fowl, hare and wild boar. Indeed the Grand Master and other knights would regularly visit for a day of action. How about enjoying your own dinner on the island’ Hotel  which can organize delicious seaside meals as well as activities and excursions?

The island is a common spot for film-makers and most famously has been used to represent the prison of Château d'If in Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. Indeed St. Mary’s Tower  took centre stage together with Guy Pearce and James Caviezel in this box office success. This same Tower was indeed a prison used by the Knights and extensively occupied during 1798-1800 French Blockade in which the Tower was home to suspected spies.

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Weather in Comino 
• Parts of Brad Pitt’s epic ‘Troy’  were also filmed in Comino