Exploring Malta’s Coral Lagoon

28 January 2019

Many people have heard of Malta’s Blue Lagoon, but have you heard of the Coral Lagoon? This wonderful hidden gem makes for a truly tranquil oasis. So, if you are planning your holidays in Malta this summer, then why not add this little piece of heaven to your itinerary?

What is Malta’s Coral Lagoon?

Coral Lagoon Malta

The Coral Lagoon, also known as Dragonara Cave, is a naturally formed cave in the north of Malta. The Lagoon is one of Malta’s most breathtaking locations and a dream for divers and swimmers alike. The unique space is open to daylight which keeps water temperatures inside the grotto a few degrees warmer than outside. This allows for increased marine growth so those snorkelling or diving can enjoy an abundance of marine life. Lay your eyes upon stunning corals such as golden cup corals and false coral, as well as many different species of starfish.

How to get there

The Coral Lagoon is situated in the coastal town of Mellieħa, near Armier Bay and L-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa campsite. It is a little off the beaten track, though there is more than one way to reach this natural wonder. Firstly, you can drive towards the Chapel of Immaculate Conception and turn left when you see the campsite sign. Note, the last part is a little uneven, so you may prefer to drive towards Armier Bay and from there head towards the Aħrax campsite. Once you reach the campsite point, there is ample space to leave your car, before setting off on this truly rewarding adventure!

Continue to walk uphill for around five minutes; in the distance, you will start noticing a hole in the rocky surface in front of you. From afar it doesn’t look like much of a major attraction… but hang on in there! Once you reach the gap, prepare to be amazed! Look down and you will see unspoiled crystal-clear waters and the most stunning view. 

Coral Lagoon Malta

Image Copyright: L-Aħrax Coral Lagoon, Mellieħa Facebook Page

Alternatively, if you are feeling adventurous and wish to explore the water, you can take a 30-minute kayak ride to it from Little Armier Bay. With its passageway being very narrow, access by boat is not possible. 

A friendly word of caution

Perhaps you have seen all those Instagram-worthy shots of people jumping off the lagoon’s cliffs and are tempted to do just the same. While this is not yet forbidden and is possible due to the lagoon’s deep waters, it is not entirely safe to do so. 

With the cave being very high and exceptionally natural, it goes without saying; you are at risk of serious injury. Inarguably, avoid jumping into the lagoon if you are not a good swimmer and if it is a windy day. Exiting from the lagoon will be very difficult and once you’re out of it, you’ll be exposed to the rough open seas.

Our advice is to enjoy the attraction during a hike or through kayaking, snorkelling or diving!  

Diving in Malta

If you do decide to take the hike, be sure to wear sturdy footwear, as the terrain is extremely harsh. The area is not called L-Aħrax tal Mellieħa for nothing (meaning “The Harsh of Mellieħa”)! Pack water and plenty of sunblock- and of course, don’t forget your camera!

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