The Great Wall of Malta: Hiking along the Victoria Lines

4 January 2019

Looking to feed your adventurous side during your holidays in Malta? Sprawling across the width of Malta and spanning a distance of 12km, Malta’s Victoria Lines are colloquially known as the Maltese equivalent of the Great Wall of China. 

No idea what we’re talking about? Don’t worry we are on hand to tell you where to find the Victoria Lines and how best to hike them!

History of the Victoria Lines

Victoria Lines Malta

First things first, the wall fortifications have a fascinating history. The Maltese Victoria Lines were built by the British and finished in the year of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (1897), hence their name. On top of this, the wall runs along a natural geographical barrier known as the Great Fault. Its use for defensive purposes dates back to the Knights of Saint John who were the first to systematically utilize the qualities of this natural barrier for military purposes.

These days the lines offer a great day out and a brilliant way to experience the Maltese countryside. Have your camera at the ready, as undoubtedly the walk provides ample photo opportunities of the untouched Mediterranean landscape along with breathtaking views! The islands also present perfect weather conditions for walking. The weather is stable and typical of a central Mediterranean country. While the summer months are warmer, the winter months are mild and generally pleasant.

Where to start your hike

The Victoria Lines Malta walk route starts (or finishes!) from the Madliena Heights on the East Coast near the Madliena Fort and they extend all the way to Kunċizzjoni (in Malta’s West Coast) near Fomm ir-Riħ Bay.

Victoria Lines Malta

If you complete the walk from start to finish, you would have basically crossed Malta from East to West. That’s how tiny our island is! The walking route along the Lines is one of the most stunning and peaceful walking paths on the islands of Malta and Gozo. 

It is fairly easy to walk the route as it very apparent which wall to follow. There are just a couple of sections where modern building work has broken up the route but even in these places you can still see where you need to be in the short distance. If you go in summer be sure to avoid peak heat hours and take plenty of water. Why not pack a mouthwatering light picnic of local delicacies with you, such as the beloved Maltese ftira?

Maltese ftira

Interesting stops along the hike

Take a pit stop at “Top of the World” in Għargħur and soak up the scenery; there are also some interesting shrines in the vicinity. Be sure to look out for the Valley of Honey towards Mosta, and the charming chapel of St. Paul the Hermit.  For the daring, there are multiple caves to explore and you’ll also notice many ancient tombs along the way. 

Victoria Lines Malta

When hiking along the route you can also view the majority of Malta, both North and South, and on a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Gozo’s impressive cliffs. Should you walk the route in spring or late autumn you will also experience the wonderful scents of fresh thyme and the local flora. The walk is truly a feast for all the senses!

So, what are you waiting for? Book flights to Malta today and let yourself immerse within the island’s natural and historic beauty as you explore its idyllic countryside!

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