V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

24 January 2018

If you are planning your holidays in Malta in 2018, then you might already be aware that the tiny island nation is hosting the European Capital of Culture. A year long event, it will bring together the best in local art, music, theatre, dance, history and more, in and around the historic capital of Valletta.

For those visiting this beautiful country during the month of February, there is plenty in store on the V18 calendar- from theatre and crochet, to live music and a nationwide carnival, the second month of the year is sure to be an exciting one.

The Snake Show, 02/02/18- 10/02/18

V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

Brought to you by FRAGMENTA MALTA, this exhibition tells the story of the changing perception of snakes throughout history. With examples from prehistory, right through to contemporary perceptions, the history of the snake encompasses many concepts from wisdom, fertility, and life. Snakestep your way through the symbolism behind this well documented creature, through the medium of research material, objects, films, photography and art.

Carnival, 09/02/18- 13/02/18

V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

The traditional Maltese carnival is one of the most spectacular events on the island. Taking part in February every year, it dates back to the rule of the Knights of the Order of Saint John. Today it is celebrated through street parties, music, and beautifully bright and colourful parades featuring large floats and participants in fancy dress.

Carmen Fantasy, 09/02/18

V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

Inspired by Bizet’s famous opera Carmen, this performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, punctuated by a solo performance by a double bass, is set to be a centrepiece of February’s festivities. Bringing together works by Ravel, and Beethoven, this concert will be set in the historic Teatru Manuel.

The Biggest Crochet Blanket for Charity, 17/02/18

V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

In conjunction with Leeuwarden in The Netherlands, which is also the European Capital of Culture for 2018, a project has been organised to cover five football pitches with handmade crochet blankets. The idea behind the project is to promote power, warmth, diversity, connection, and the colourful part of our community. Organisers are also hoping that their efforts will make it into the Guinness Book of Records, and the finished products will be divided up and distributed to various charitable institutions in Malta.

Mokadelic perform Gomorrah, 23/02/18- 24/02/18

V18 - What to Look Forward to in February

Taking place at the Valletta Campus theatre, get ready for a heady mix of ambient post-rock and neo psychedelic sounds. Mokadelic are known for their emotional music, and for featuring on the soundtrack of the hit TV show, Gomorrah. This event will offer two nights of experimental music fun and will open the ears and minds of listeners to a truly eclectic mix of influences. Not to be missed!

These are just some of the highlights for the month of February, of course there will be a huge range of other events taking place throughout the month. For a full list of events, head over to Valletta 2018’s events page.

All images courtesy of Valletta 2018.

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