Top attractions to visit when in Leipzig

18 December 2018

Looking for somewhere a bit different to take a holiday and enjoy a picturesque city break in, then why not book flights to Leipzig

This German city is well-known for being a centre of culture and learning with its remarkable history and some of the most unique and spectacular architecture in the whole of Germany. Founded in the 11th century, Leipzig formed its reputation during the Medieval Holy Roman Empire for its international amazing trade fairs that remain even to this very day!

When in Leipzig, add the following attractions to your agenda and make it a trip to remember!

1. St. Thomas Church 

top attractions Leipzig

Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach, the world-famous cantor once worked at this specific church? St. Thomas Church is also the place where the cantor was buried in 1850, with his ledger stone being one of the things you can lay your eyes upon here. Listed as a historical building, this church is 76 meters long and it is open every day for you to explore to your heart’s content. Strikingly enough, this church’s choir continues to be one of the most prestigious choirs in the world, having been established for over 800 years!

2. Leipzig Zoo 

If you are a bit of a thrill seeker and you love having a day dedicated to nature and alluring exotic animals, then Leipzig’s Zoo is the place to be! Open since 1878, this Zoo remains one of the most sought-after ones in Europe with it being home to some of the most fascinating creatures such as Komodo dragons, giant otters, rare types of fish, turtles, and frogs!

3. Markt

top attractions Leipzig

Located in the city centre, Leipzig’s market square is amongst the most spectacular in all of Europe. The square’s incredibly beautiful blend of new and old architecture is a sight to behold. Its Medieval-themed stalls combined with the 16th century ‘Altes Rathaus’ building creates the perfect place to wander around and soak up the local atmosphere. If you’re visiting just in time for the festive season, be prepared to explore Leipzig’s wonderful Christmas market located here. 

4. Museum der Bildenden Kunste

No trip to Leipzig would be complete without visiting its fine arts museum, known for its incredible exhibitions and galleries and located in a great big glass cube. This museum is actually a renovated museum that stands on the site of the previous museum that was destroyed in WWII.  If you’re an art enthusiast, there is no better place than this museum to learn about the great masters of art in Germany such as Lucas Cranach the Elder and Frans Hals. 

5. Volkerschlachtdenkmal

top attractions Leipzig

The Volkerschlachtdenkmal is a monument dedicated to the Battle of Leipzig that took place back in 1813; a battle which decisively marked the defeat of the French army of Napoleon 1. This war had affected over 600,000 people and its monument happens to be one of the tallest war monuments in Europe. The beautiful architecture makes the walk towards this monument a pleasant one with the green landscapes and peacefulness of the water surrounding it.

On top of all this, Leipzig also has a vibrant nightlife scene and a great cuisine that offers some of the best traditional dishes in Germany. Leipzig consists of everything you look for in a city, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to let yourself discover the magic of this German city!

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