Te fit-Tazza: A minimalist approach to the Maltese Islands

26 September 2019

Consider yourself an art enthusiast? Then be sure to check out Te Fit-Tazza during your holidays in Malta

No, no, we don’t mean a cup of tea (which is the literal meaning of “te fit-tazza” in Maltese), but the sensational Illustrated prints inspired by visual attributes of Malta. 

Fun fact about Malta: Drinking tea from a tumbler, instead of a cup or a mug, is a social tradition deeply ingrained within the Maltese culture.

tea in a tumbler

Image Copyright: Te fit-Tazza Official Facebook Page

The Mediterranean island nation of Malta may be small; however, what it may lack in geographical space, it more than makes up for in strong traits that portray its inhabitants and local cultural quirks. Inspired by these distinct local elements – from the humble pastizzi, places of interest and milk cartons to iconic Maltese nightclubs, Te fit-Tazza co-founders create instantly recognisable designs that strip subjects down to their bare essentials.

Who is behind the iconic images?

Te fit-Tazza was established in 2015 by Andrew Farrugia and Craig Macdonald, two friends with a deep-rooted desire for creative design and all other things exceptionally beautiful. Both artists believe that Malta boasts a wealth of identity. This is seen in the way locals act, interact and present themselves, both socially and visually. Within the first series entitled Il-Luzzu, the artists captured these elements in minimalist depictions, reducing as much detail as possible, while keeping the subject instantly recognisable. It was this series that elevated the Te fit-Tazza concept to immediate recognition.

 “Is there anything harder than trying to find a new way of looking at things which are cherished – but familiar? For us, the challenge was not how to portray them in a different light – but where to start.”
-The Co-founders

While there are plenty of incredible images to choose from, here are a few top picks! 

Il-Pompa tal-Petrol

design of a Maltese petrol station

Image Copyright: Te fit-Tazza Official Facebook Page

A petrol station is such a regular place we pass by every day, yet a part of our lives. Take a look at how they have depicted Malta’s humble petrol stations.


design of a Maltese door

Image Copyright: Te fit-Tazza Official Facebook Page

The Maltese doors are incredibly enchanting in their own right with robust, bold colours, usually accompanied by an elaborate door knocker. We couldn’t help but love the green door!

St. Peter’s Pool

design of St. Peters Pool Malta

Image Copyright: Te fit-Tazza Official Facebook Page

St. Peter’s Pool has always been one of the top swimming spots to explore during one’s holidays in Malta, and what better way to remember the islands than taking a print of this off-the-beaten-track destination?

When booking your flights to Malta, don’t forget that with Air Malta’s various baggage allowance options, you can undoubtedly grab a few of these charming prints home hassle-free!

Which Te Fit-Tazza image is your favourite? 

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