Travelling with sports equipment? Here’s all you need to know!

11 February 2019

The idea of travelling with sports equipment can seem very daunting to many, aside from the obvious hurdle of packing the gear, you may be worrying about how you can get your kit on board. Fortunately, with Air Malta’s sports baggage vouchers, you needn’t let the stress of travel get in the way of an overseas competition, a ski trip with friends or a diving holiday in Malta

sports equipment Air Malta

Wherever you need to get to, and whatever you need to bring with you, rest assured Air Malta has got it covered. There’s just one set fee per piece, and it is reduced for online bookings. The fee is €30 per piece per flight when you book online with Air Malta and €40 if you purchase at the airport.

How and when to book

First of all, you must ensure that you buy your sports equipment voucher online here. Conveniently enough, booking can be made up to 4 hours prior departure. The set fee applies only to sports equipment in the following list. It’s worth remembering that all these items should be checked-in separately from the rest of the baggage in the proper sports equipment bag. 

•    Archery equipment
•    Bicycles 
•    Bowling balls - maximum four balls plus shoes
•    Cricket equipment
•    Croquet clubs
•    Dance sports 
•    Diving equipment
•    Fencing
•    Golf clubs 
•    Hockey equipment
•    Kite surfing equipment
•    Sailing kits 
•    Skiing equipment
•    Water skis
•    Firearms have their own special rules (check here)
•    Abseiling Equipment
•    Football Equipment
•    Rock Climbing
•    Tennis Equipment

If you are planning on taking Fencing and Archery equipment, it must be stored in a hard container to avoid damage and must be checked-in, not carried as hand-luggage.

Off cycling?

sports equipment Air Malta

One of the most cumbersome pieces of sports equipment you could fly with is a bike. Make sure you pack your bike in a protective case or a bike bag; you can also pack it in a large cardboard box. You’ll also need to remove the pedals (or fix them inwards), fix the handlebars sideways and deflate your tyres to reduce the risk of damage. Your case or bag must be clearly labelled with your details on the outside and inside (fastened to the bike frame). So don’t forget to bring a pump as well as all the other tools required to reassemble your bike! 

All baggage items that are not listed above are charged according to normal excess baggage charges. All in all, whatever you plan to take, make sure you read the sports equipment terms and conditions before you travel as some items have their own special rules.

As you can see, it is really straightforward to travel with your favourite sports equipment. With Air Malta’s great sports baggage vouchers, all the adventure seekers out there can book flights to Malta, or any destination they desire, in a hassle-free manner and let the adrenaline rush kick in!

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