Splashing out on Sundays

19 July 2013

Olympia Pool Parties, Club Aria

Oh my, where do I start? Sundays in Malta have always been good. Most people are off work and flock to the beach, or visit friends and family for some good food and to catch up on recent events.

Many car enthusiasts have a vehicle they drive only on Sundays, and they drive them slowly, very slowly, so everyone can see them. Others may go for a stroll down the promenade to soak up some sun and work off that big lunch, but for those in the know, and those that like to dance, Sundays just went from good to awesome!

My friends and I have discovered this cool entertainment spot. Known as Club Aria, based in San Gwann, this outdoor venue hosts every Sunday afternoon an event known as Olympia Pool Parties.

The pool bit in the title kind of gives it all away! This place has its own swimming pool! It is absolutely perfect for when that ice cold drink on the terrace is just not enough to cool you down.

Music is pumping all afternoon until quite late in the evening where only the finest and top DJ's on the island make an appearance, dropping one good song after another. I couldn't think of a better way of spending my Sunday afternoon, meeting with good friends, enjoying a cool drink by the pool and dancing to some good tunes. If you had asked me a few months ago if you would have ever caught me dancing in my swim-wear I would have laughed and declined. Now I can't get enough! I'll be there next Sunday for sure!

Author: Sabine Jung

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