How to spend one day in Gozo in winter

14 December 2018

Are you looking for a cosy winter holiday?

The Maltese Islands, with their mild sunny winters, are the place to be for anyone wanting to chase a bit of elusive winter sun! If you’re booking flights to Malta this winter, you should definitely dedicate a day to explore Gozo, full of things to see and do also during the winter months. 

Follow our tips below on how to best spend one day in Gozo in winter to get a taste of everything that the sister island has to offer!


Winter in Gozo

Located in Gozo’s capital city of Victoria, Ċittadella is an ancient fortified city, mesmerizing the thousands of tourists which choose to visit it each year. 

This place is perfect for those cosy winter days where all you feel like doing is take a nice walk around a city full of history and culture, while the winter sun kisses your cheeks. Dive deeply into Gozo’s older days with a visit to the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Gozo’s old prisons. While there, make sure to also dedicate some time inside of Gozo’s Baroque-styled Cathedral, take a stroll along the Citadel’s Ditch and finally soak up the stunning panoramic views from the top of the city’s fortifications. 

Ta’ Pinu Church

Winter in Gozo

One of the most famous churches in Gozo is Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. This beautiful church is located near Għarb and it guarantees a special experience for anyone visiting it. Upon arriving on site, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with the intricate mosaics in the square surrounding it and as you make your way inside the church, you’ll be impressed by its fine interior. Pay a visit to its museum to discover fascinating tales of miracles that blessed the Gozitan community through the years.  Different musical performances are also performed at this location, all year round. 

Ġgantija Temples

Winter in Gozo

What is a visit to Gozo without a visit to its pre-historic temples of Ġgantija? Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, these temples are even older than England’s Stonehenge and Egypt’s Pyramids, having been built between 3600 and 3200 B.C. 

The name “Ġgantija” derives from the Maltese word of “ġgant” which means “giant” as due to the massive size of these stones, it is believed that only a race of giants could have been responsible for such impressive constructions. 

Get ready for a unique experience as you make your way through impressive megalithic stones, doorways and altars. The Interpretation Centre will help you get to know better the old inhabitants of these temples with its display of remains of all kinds.  

Quad Bike Tour

Winter in Gozo

The best thing about Gozo is that at almost any time of the year, you can enjoy the great outdoors through a variety of activities. If you consider yourself an adventure seeker then a quad bike tour could be the perfect option for you. A full-day quad tour will give you the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Gozo, even in the middle of winter!

Hiking the countryside

Winter in Gozo

Alternatively, hiking Gozo’s charming countryside is another great option for things to do during the winter season in Gozo. After all, the island only covers 67 square kilometres and lucky for you, there are several trails to follow, rewarding you with the most breathtaking of views. Choose amongst coastal, countryside, historical or cultural trails- there is something for everyone!

A not-to-be-missed spot during your hike is Wied il-Għasri on Gozo’s Northern Coast, a natural creek standing in between impressive cliff formations with crystal clear waters. Other sought-after spots in the North are Calypso Cave and Għar Mixta, elevated on the left and right-hand side of Gozo’s golden Ramla Bay respectively. Why not include Gozo’s remarkable Ta’ Ċenc Cliffs on the Southern Coast in your hike too? 

Winter in Gozo

Give this island a go and get ready for some wonderful winter moments during your holidays in Malta!

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