Notte Bianca 2013 – The heart of Malta comes to life.

19 September 2013

Notte Bianca

The days are still warm and the nights a little cooler, which compared to last month is very welcome! I have just put my feet up and my laptop is somewhat balanced on my knee. As early evening approaches my living room is getting darker, earlier, and reminds me that summer is soon coming to an end. 

However, Malta is an island that never stops giving and with this year's Notte Bianca taking place on the 5th October in Malta's capital, Valletta, I now have something else to add to my MUST DO's of 2013! 

Notte Bianca, now running for its seventh year, is held in Valletta every year. It is a stunning, night-long celebration and recognition of all that is culture and art in Malta's capital. The streets, public buildings and cultural venues are brought to life with schedule of entertainment tailored to suit all ages and tastes.

All cultural venues, public buildings, state palaces and museums open their doors for almost the entire night with the advantages of free entry and allowing the public to view some typically restricted areas. The streets and squares become arenas for open air performances and many restaurants, bars and cafes extend their opening hours and set up outside stalls. All forms of art and music are represented during the evening from classical to pop and contemporary styles.

Organised by the Malta Council for Culture & the Arts, Notte Bianca is also supported by the Ministry for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. The vision of Notte Bianca is for Valletta to become an 'open city of culture' and is created ensuring that every part of Valletta is used, from City Gate, right to the far end of the peninsula.

Sean Buhagiar is responsible for the planning of the event this year and has recently said, 

“Notte Bianca is the one night that really gets everyone flocking to Valletta and the idea is to make the most of it and to ensure a fun-filled evening. I want to take culture to the people, but not necessarily in the usual manner. Visitors to Notte Bianca do not come to Valletta to have intellectual stuff thrown at them – they usually come to soak in the atmosphere, wander around the streets and enjoy whatever is happening around them. My vision is to use this to our advantage.”

I adore going to Valletta anyway, day or night, so I cannot wait to get together with my friends and just get lost in the streets of Valletta experiencing the magic and soaking up the atmosphere. Only a few weeks to go!

Author: Sabine Jung

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