Malta to host 39th World Medical & Health Games

8 June 2018

This year Malta will be hosting the World Medical and Health Games and International Sports Medicine Symposium for its 39th Edition. Taking place between the 16th - 23rd June, this week-long event will bring together some of the finest athletes, who will be participating in their respective sports, and international health professionals all in the spirit of the Olympics. 

If you’re a health professional with an interest in sports and are looking for an excuse to soak some Maltese sun, then consider booking flights to Malta between the 16th and 23rd June for an enriching experience!

MEDI Games Malta 2018

Comradery, good sportsmanship and determination are characteristic traits that define this world-wide event that has become the most famous sporting health event. With 38 MEDI Games Meetings held across 29 cities within 15 countries since 1978, the idea of unity in sports is of high importance to the foundation. Participants hail from more than 40 countries and take part in 26 sports events throughout the games. There are also 6 age categories which gives every sport enthusiast the possibility to compete in their professional sport - all in hopes of winning one of the 1,000 medals awarded each year.

This year, competitors will be flying into Malta for a week-long adventure, starting on Saturday 16th with the regular registration procedure that will trickle on to the next day. Saturday sees the first 7-a-side and 11-a-side football draw that will begin preparation for the Football Tournament on Sunday. Sunday 17th will also feature a participants’ parade announcing the formal opening of the 2018 Games. 

Sports events such as tennis, basketball, swimming, athletics and even the well-known Maltese favourite; boċċi will form part of the line-up. A detailed Sports Programme may be found in the 2018 brochure. The programme has been structured so as to indicate which events will be taking place in the morning, afternoon as well as those that will be carried out for the whole day. 


MEDI Games Malta 2018

Throughout the week, participants will enjoy various sports competitions, free scientific communications, the International Sport Medicine Symposium as well as the coveted medal ceremony. A mid-week Gala will keep spirits high while the Closing Ceremony on Friday 22nd will bid farewell to the international champions that gave it their all upon our shores. Local champions will surely celebrate their winnings, inviting the international teams to stay on and bask in the summer heat. 

One of the most critical parts of this event is undoubtedly the Symposium itself. Knowledge of the games is just as important as the actual participation - finding scientific improvements for the sports is paramount in further development of the Health and Sports industries. This year’s Symposium will focus on themes detailing Lower limb pathologies in sport.

With only a few days left to go for the MEDI games and the symposium to kick off, it’s time to get booking your flights to Malta and to register for the event!

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