5 Maltese bands you should check out!

27 April 2020

Did you know Malta has a wonderful music scene and even its own charts? It goes without saying the Maltese islands are a hive of creativity with an abundance of talented singer and songwriters. Some Maltese bands have been doing the rounds for decades, and others are pioneering a new wavelength, reaching new audiences across the globe. Here’s just a handful you should check out and add to your playlist!


The Travellers

The Travellers | Maltese songs

Image source: The Travellers Official Facebook


Hailing from the sister island of Gozo, we have the chart-topping Travellers. Popular Maltese songs include Sempliċità (2016), Dak li Int (2016), Xemx u Xita (2016), Ħafi Paċi Kuluri (2017) if you are not familiar with the Maltese language, the band sing mostly in Maltese which is a great way to learn the language! The Travellers got together in 2013 intending to try to kick start something different in an already varied local music scene. Bassist Clayton, trumpeter Joseph, main vocalist Chris and guitarist Andrew have been in the music scene from a very young age. Saxophonist Sylvano and drummer Michael joined the rest of the band later in 2013, and the rest is history.

Given that all band members hail from Gozo, which makes them very frequent commuters crossing the channel to and from Malta regularly, you could say the name of the band was a natural choice!

Red Electrick

Red Electric at Teatru Manoel | Maltese bands

Image source: Red Electrick Official Facebook

The award-winning pop-rock quintet – known as REK – has garnered colossal fame locally. The band are renowned for their high-energy shows which attract huge audiences at venues all over Malta and beyond. Their distinct sound has evolved into some unforgettable songs, check out G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S which is guaranteed to get your toes tapping! You can see our interview with Red Electrick back in 2018 here!


The Busker

The Busker band | Maltese bands

Image source: The Busker Official Facebook


Step back in time with The Busker. Singer Dario Genovese and drummer Jean-Paul Borg formed The Busker in 2012 before settling with bassist David Grech and saxophonist Sean Meachen two years later. Since then, the band has released two albums with their 60s’ pop-infused melodies directly inspired by The Beatles and The Beach Boys. They also won the best album at last year’s Lovin Music awards. Songs to listen to include It’s alright, I’ve got the blues, Miles away and Surfin’ up.



Tribali live in concert | local band music

Image source: Tribali Official Facebook

From the get-go in 2004 Tribali set upon offering Malta a taste of something new. This they do by using the traditional sitar, didgeridoo and harmonica, multiple percussion and acoustic guitar merged with electric guitars and deep bass lines. Their performances are electrifying and have garnered them an army of fans across Europe, having played festivals such as Glastonbury and Earth Garden, alongside names such as Faithless, Prodigy and Moby.


Winter Moods

The Winter Moods | Maltese bands

Image source: Winter Moods Official Facebook

Formed back in the ’80s, Winter Moods are the stuff of local music legends. During the past 30 years, the band produced has five albums, and smashed local records for attendance with two concerts, one on 9 July 2008, and the other one on 30 July 2010, with over ten thousand fans! Since then, the icons have shown no signs of slowing down. Top songs to check out include Marigold and Everlasting, with lead singer Ivan Grech having won many awards over the years for his impeccable song writing.

This is just a handful of some of the incredible talent on offer in Malta and Gozo, there are many additional wonderful artists! Find out more about Maltese music here. There really is so much to see and do on the Maltese Islands. Check out holidays in Malta !

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