Enjoy a week of culture at Malta Opera Week 2018

9 February 2018

They say that Opera is something of an acquired taste. That said, there are many that also say that you cannot truly experience or appreciate opera unless you see it live. Luckily for those that are either confirmed opera fans or want to discover more about this incredible genre of music, the Malta Opera Week 2018 is only a matter of weeks away. If you are considering organising your holidays in Malta in the next few months, why not coincide it with this cultural extravaganza? So, what is in store? Read on and find out!

Malta Opera Week 2018

When is it?

Running on the 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th of March, a production of Don Giovanni will be showing at the historic Teatru Manoel in Valletta. Based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s epic of the same name, Don Giovanni will be portrayed by Christian Bowers and music will be provided by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. With direction and set design by the renowned Jack Furness, it is sure to be an incredible event.

Malta Opera Week 2018

The performance is split into two acts and it is based on the legend of Don Juan, a famous yet fictional libertine and a serial seducer. First performed in 1787, its popularity has grown and grown over the years and it is considered as one of the worlds operatic masterpieces as well as one of the most performed operas ever. Powerful, majestic, and dramatic in its tone, it is a piece that has enthralled generations of music and opera fans, and one that’s timeless appeal is not set to wane.

What else is on?

As well as Don Giovanni, there will be several other opera-themed events taking place at the Teatru Manoel. On the 6th March at 7:30pm, there will be an Operatic Paraphrases for Piano. The 8th of March will see a Flute in Opera performance, also starting at 7:30pm. Finally, on Saturday 10th of March, there will be a performance of Mozart- Sacred Music in St. Augustine’s Church. This will also be starting at 7:30pm. 

You can pick and choose which concerts to attend, or alternatively you can purchase a discounted block ticket which gives you entrance to all four performances for €150.

Malta Opera Week 2018

Teatru Manoel

Teatru Manoel is a historic theatre set in the heart of Valletta. It was commissioned by Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, back in 1731 and it was constructed in just 10 short months. Its purpose was to keep the Knights out of trouble and to provide members of the public with “honest entertainment”- a motto which can still be seen to this day, inscribed above the main entrance in Latin- “ad honestam populi oblectationem”.

If you would like to find out more about any of the events taking place during the Malta Opera Week 2018, check out the upcoming events at Teatru Manoel, or check out the official Teatru Manoel Facebook Page

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