Malta Carnival 2017

4 January 2017

Malta Carnival 2017

Spring in Malta can mean only one thing, it’s time to start preparing for Carnival! The Carnival celebrations add a boisterous splash of colour and festivity that every Maltese person and visitor to the islands looks forward to each year. Book your flights to Malta now and revel in the vibrant merriment!

For hundreds of years Carnival has beckoned the approach of Lent in Malta. Traditionally it was viewed as the last hurrah before the 40 days of abstaining from indulgence leading up to Easter. While this is still true today, the celebrations have become internationally known as a lively festival of rowdy camaraderie. This year Carnival will be running from Friday 24th February to Tuesday 28th February.

So where exactly will you be able to partake in the fun? All across Malta, many towns and cities will have their own Carnival celebrations. The capital city Valletta, which is currently in preparation to become the European Capital of Culture in 2018, is where the majority of the entertainment will be found.

The beautiful Baroque streets will be brimming with parades of multi-coloured, handmade floats of all shapes and sizes. Extravagantly dressed bands and DJs, energetically playing to the crowds of people, are pulled through the streets on the back of gigantic, animated papier mâché heads while a seemingly endless supply of confetti falls from the sky.

It really is something you should experience at least once in your life. There will also be an abundance of mouth-watering street food to be found throughout the city. Why not take a break from the sights and sounds, remove your masquerade mask for a few moments and re-energise yourself with the best street food Malta has to offer?

If you’re visiting Gozo during Carnival, you’ll soon discover that the celebrations are one of the biggest events on many Gozitan’s calendars. Carnival in Gozo provides an authentic experience where whole communities will come together to organise the event. There are two great places you should check out while you’re here. The first is in the capital of the island, Victoria. In the marketplace of the city you will find the majority of the festivities.

The town of Nadur in Gozo has also become a very popular location for Carnival celebrations. The small town has taken on a more macabre approach to the festival. Many of the locals dress up in ghoulish costumes the likes of which would put many Halloween celebrations to shame.

Image courtesy of Nadur Carnival Facebook page

If you decide to check out Nadur expect to see many monstrous atrocities roaming through the streets. It’s all in good fun though so why not join in the action with a spooky costume of your own? The locals will absolutely love it and so will you!

Wherever you decide to go for Carnival you’re guaranteed to have an absolutely amazing time. Nothing brings the Maltese people together quite like Carnival does and tourists are always more than welcome to join in the tradition. 

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