Malta’s beer festival – where my German love of beer kicks in

4 August 2014

Last weekend marked the end of another summer event in Malta late sunsets, fairy lights, a cheerful atmosphere, good vibes and local talent. It’s the time of year when Maltese bands and beer come together to take the stage for what promises to be, without fail, an eventful ten days of entertainment! I had so enjoyed it last year that I did not want to miss this year’s Farsons Great Beer Festival

The island’s very own mini ’Oktoberfest’ this year, ran from the 25th July to the beginning of August.  Every night crowds gathered to listen to a variety of Malta’s best artists and enjoy sizzling summer foods whilst guzzling down two, three or more pints of beer. This year, I had the opportunity once again to attend the festival and experience a true Maltese summer night with great live entertainment.

The event brought together famous local bands and musicians of different music genres to entertain an eager crowd. Red Electrick, Lauren Aquilina, The New Victorians, Airport Impressions, Big Band Brothers and Relikc were some of the many bands which provided entertainment.  It was my first Tribali show and their performance was truly sensational. I will probably try to check them out again this week at the Għaxaq Music Festival.
Food stalls lined the Ta’ Qali National park, creating a unique summer atmosphere whilst bars and draught installations filled up the area.

Way back in 1981, the Farsons Festival was launched and this year celebrated its 34th edition. As one can imagine, beer is the reason for this annual celebration which showcases a variety of local beers including the Cisk range in all its shapes, sizes and flavours, Hopleaf Pale Ale and Blue Label Ale. Other international beer brands such as Carlsberg, Budweiser, Guinness were also available.

Malta’s largest outdoor festival proved to be another great success with over 10,000 people attending and 40,000 pints of beer being served. Moreover, 14,000 beer mugs were sold and 30 different beers and ciders were available. If you unfortunately happened to miss out on this year’s festival, here are some highlights to give you a taste of what it was all about: 

All photos taken from The Farsons Great Beer Festival Facebook page

Author: Sabine Jung

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