Why Lisbon is every culture vulture’s dream city

6 December 2018

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is widely considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. From its unique culture to its gorgeous landscapes, it has everything that the intrepid explorer could ever wish for. These are just some of the reasons why we believe Lisbon is the perfect holiday destination for all the culture vultures out there!

Fado music 

Lisbon culture

Portugal is well-known for its soulful fado music that pieces together some of the nation’s most prominent culture and history.  You can find more than 40 Fado houses throughout the charming streets of Lisbon and hundreds of street artists perform it every night in the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. Fado music is also recognised as an item of intangible heritage by UNESCO due to its expressive and sometimes melancholic descriptions of everyday life in Portugal through the ages.

Azulejo Tiles

Lisbon culture

Azulejo tiles are one of the most fascinating architectural features that you will notice as you stroll through the streets of Lisbon. Dating as far back as the 13th century, the word “azulejo” itself means “polished stone”. 

Plenty of opportunities to capture Instagram-worthy shots around Lisbon will present themselves. Keep an eye out for churches, palaces, residential homes, restaurants as well as metro stations boasting the most intricate of these ceramic tiles. To delve deeply into the history of this captivating Portuguese craft, be sure not to miss a visit to Museu Nacional Do Azulejo, the country’s national tile museum!

Manueline Architecture 

Lisbon culture

Yet another elaborately rich architectural feature on offer in Lisbon is the traditional Portuguese Manueline style that can be found throughout the city. The Manueline style has been popular since the late 15th century and its lavish, slightly Gothic style is even used to this very day. There is no other style in the world quite like the Manueline and some great examples include the Jerónimos Monastery, Belém Tower, and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Velha.

Traditional Cuisine 

Lisbon culture

No trip to Lisbon is complete without tasting the delicious Portuguese cuisine! You better start making a list of everything you would like to try ranging from the bacalhau (a dried salted codfish), the Amêijoas À Bulhão Pato (clams in oil) and the arroz de marisco (seafood rice). 

As you can see, Lisbon is a dream for seafood lovers! However, other typical non-fish dishes can be enjoyed such as the Bifana (pork marinated in wine and garlic) as well as the Chicken piri piri with an African twist!


Lisbon culture

In order to fully immerse yourself within the history and culture of a place, visiting some museums is simply a must-do. Lisbon hosts some of Europe’s best museums such as the National Museum of Ancient Art where you can travel back in time through some of the most important Portuguese artistic periods. If you are a fan of modern art, head over to Belém and visit the Berardo Collection Museum to discover some of the latest highlights of the local modern art scene. Another must-see for those into all things contemporary is Lisbon’s latest innovative project; the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology).

A colourful and vibrant city that exceeds all expectations with its stunning architecture, rich culture, delectable food and friendly locals. Let’s not forget the pleasantly warm weather it enjoys all-year round! What else could anyone ask for? Book your flights to Lisbon now and get ready for the trip of your dreams!

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