Invisible Hands Malta - How COVID 19 has brought Malta together

19 May 2020

Have you heard about Invisible Hands Malta? The impact of COVID-19 has genuinely brought together Maltese communities, and one such shining example is Invisible Hands. This group of what started with six people, now consists of 327 local volunteers are doing their best to support the needs of the elderly and those in need, inspired by similar movements in New York.


Invisible Hands Malta - How COVID 19 has brought M

Photo courtesy of Invisible Hands Malta

How do invisible hands help?

It really couldn’t be easier. The group supports with free delivery of food and essential supplies people in need such as the elderly, immunocompromised and people in quarantine. You may be wondering what’s in the name. They have chosen to call themselves invisible because, unfortunately, given the situation,  they aim to minimise as much direct contact in deliveries as possible.

But, how does it work?

Invisible Hands have an excellent online platform, to directly reach out to those in need as well as the volunteers. You can find it here. Consequently, there is no central physical place, and the group is managed remotely. The platforms bring together those who want to help out and streamline the support process, as the group predicts there will be “an immense increase of people in need within the coming months.”

Those In need can apply for help via the online platform, though the group recognise this isn’t suitable for everyone. They have their dedicated landline that can be called via +356 216 691 69 (Maltese / English – available 24/7).


Invisible Hands Malta | Air Malta

Photo courtesy of Invisible Hands Malta

Taking all measures

Invisible hands take every step necessary to reduce transmission and take it very seriously. They follow the methodology of “contactless” support. Volunteers adhere to strict distancing rules, wear masks and PPE, they leave requested items in a safe place, such as behind a gate for collection. Volunteers are advised not to handle cash and accept Revolut for the delivery of shopping orders.

Invisible Hands Malta remain incredibly grateful to Saint James Hospital, which supplied the voluntary group with 100 free masks and gloves, as well as GO Business, who supported in the form of free landlines. The group felt the need to implement an SMS verification system to check identity- meaning once the volunteer reaches the designated drop off spot, both the recipient and the delivery person will get an automated SMS with a unique password.

There’s no denying, such a selfless group of volunteers coming together serves as a reminder to us all, that even in difficult times we can join forces and support one another.  You can read more about the initiative here

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