Introducing Nextbike: A New Way to Explore Malta

11 January 2017

Bike-sharing has landed in Malta, opening up a whole new way of discovering the island’s beauty. Are you looking for a great way to see the attractions and stay fit at the same time? Then Nextbike is right up your alley! If you’re booking your next holiday in Malta then this is definitely something worth checking out while you’re here.

Introducing Nextbike: A New Way to Explore Malta

Bike-sharing systems have taken the world by storm as more and more countries are beginning to promote an eco-friendly, health-first ethos in their cities. Malta is no exception to this! Last November Nextbike set up operations on our sun-kissed archipelago. Since then, bike stations have been popping up all over the island with the main focal points being around the coastal areas from St. Julian’s to Valletta as well as St. Paul’s Bay.

The beauty of this is that you can take the bike on an adventure anywhere around the island, as long as you return it to one of the official bike stations when you’re done. Want to tour Valletta but don’t fancy jumping on a bus? Grab a bike, ride through the city, take in the scenery and return the bike to any of the Nextbike stations around the city. 

Introducing Nextbike: A New Way to Explore Malta

It only costs €1.50 to rent a bike for the first 30 minutes and an additional €1 for every 30 minutes after that. Depending on where you pick up your bike, it can work out about the same price as taking a bus.

The greatest advantage of using a Nextbike is that you can make your way anywhere at your own speed. If you see a café that tickles your fancy along the way, or a beautiful view you just have to take a snap of, you’re free to stop and enjoy yourself. You also have the option of renting out a bike for a full 24 hours. Imagine the places you could explore and the things you could see in that time frame! Malta being particularly small, you could potentially see a reasonable amount of the islands.

Introducing Nextbike: A New Way to Explore Malta

There are some great cycling routes that you should also check out if you’re interested in exploring by bike. In the north-west of Malta there is a route that will take you from Rabat, past the majestic Dingli Cliffs, through Mgarr and Mosta and ending at Mdina. Another route will take you from Rabat, through the beautiful Buskett Gardens, historic sites at Ghar Lapsi and Girgenti and through the quaint little villages in the south.

Nextbike also has a handy app that you can download to check the availability of bikes at each station, making it even easier to plan where to pick up and drop off your bike. For more information check out the official Nextbike Malta website. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and explore!

Images courtesy of Nextbike Malta’s website and Facebook Page.

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