The New Indie Movie "Love to Paradise" Showcases the Best of Malta

1 November 2017

Malta has a long history of being home to some of the hottest movies and TV shows of recent years. Its stunning scenery, beautiful architecture, and incredible landscapes have been the backdrop to a whole host of Hollywood blockbusters, as well as the most well-known cult television series of our time. From World War Z to Game of Thrones, Malta is a prime location for filming.

But it’s more than just high-budget flicks that have been filmed here, this year saw the shooting of a new indie film “Love to Paradise” being set on the islands.

What is it about?

The film tells the story of an American tourist named Giovanni who falls deeply in love with a local Maltese artist, Carmen. They then embark on a passionate and unforgettable journey across the islands of Malta, with many twists and turns along the way. When confronted with a crossroads in his life, Giovanni is faced with a dilemma where he must choose between the love of a woman who changed his life, or his livelihood. 

Who is in it?

The film stars Myko Olivier in the role of Giovanni. A Los Angeles based actor.He holds a BFA in Drama from the Tisch Shool of the Arts at NYU and he has appeared in the Netflix produced, award winning “Diedra & Laney Rob a Train”. He has also appeared in Glee, Castle, and Menendez: Blood Brothers.

Taking on the role of Carmen is Ukranian-Cuban actress Marysia S. Peres. She appeared most recently as Queen Isabella in Assassins Creed (also filmed in Malta) and in the docudrama The Mystery of Britannic.

Love to Paradise

The film is directed by Maltese-Australian, Julian Galea who studied at the New York Film Academy as a writer-direction. His portfolio includes a series of award winning short films, and of course, his feature film debut- “Love to Paradise”.

Where is it filmed?

Filmed in and around Malta and Gozo, the movie showcases some of Malta’s most beautiful scenery and architecture. From Valletta to Mdina, Birgu and beyond, you can check out some of the best views that the country has to offer.

 Love to Paradise

Available for download on iTunes and Amazon, “Love to Paradise” is a must-see for anyone considering booking flights to Malta. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the best of the island on the big screen, before travelling.  It may well inspire you to track down the various locations used in the film to experience them for yourself!

Images courtesy of Love to Paradise

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