The art of fireworks: One of the locals’ favourite hobbies

4 February 2019

It’s no secret that the Maltese love their fireworks and depending on which time of the year you book flights to Malta, you too can experience some of the biggest, brightest and most exhilarating fireworks’ displays you could possibly imagine.

Fireworks Malta

Image Copyright: ViewingMalta

A Maltese tradition

The art of crafting incredible fireworks is nothing new for the Maltese. In fact, it is a tradition going back many centuries, passed through generations. The root of the tradition lies during the days of the Order of the Knights of St. John, who pursued this art in celebration of an arrival of a Knight, an arrival of a new born from a supreme family and much more. 

This evolved into the fireworks tradition the Maltese so wholeheartedly adhere to up until this day. Almost every village in Malta has an annual week-long feast dedicated to their patron saint, and it is during this festa that a healthy dose of village rivalry commences as to which village will create the most dazzling spectacle.  

Reflecting the Maltese character

Fireworks Malta

Anyone who visits the island would agree that the Maltese are colourful and passionate people who love to celebrate at any chance they get, and these attributes are perfectly explained through their craze for fireworks. Perhaps loudness is another one of their talents! 

There are 35 firework factories on the Maltese Islands with around 1,900 licensees, serving the 120 feasts around Maltese towns and villages. The admirable thing about this craft is that many of these manufacturers are indeed volunteers, who work so ardently all in the name of creativity, ambition and dedication. 

As urbanization quickly takes over the island, crafts such as this reminds us that the Maltese will not so easily let go of traditions which have shaped their identity throughout the years. 

Ground fireworks

Not only does Malta offer skyline spectacles, but the Maltese are also world experts at mechanized ground fireworks, which year after year are included in their busy events’ calendar. 

Commonly known by the locals as jigjifogo (from the Italian gioco di fuoco) or nar tal-art, the incredible fireworks feature a set of wheels fixed to a pole on the ground which provides a rotating movement for the burning gas tubes. 

No village on the island is complete without a cacophony of ground and aerial fireworks, cheering up the crowds the Maltese way. That’s a fact!

Start planning your summer holidays in Malta and be prepared to be spoilt for choice with the variety of fireworks’ displays happening every weekend, for the village festi, around Malta and Gozo. If you're in Malta this spring, you’re in for a special treat with the 18th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival taking place between the 24th of April and the 4th of May 2019!

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