Calling all Art-Lovers! Check out this exclusive exhibition at the Malta Society of the Arts

2 August 2019

If you love art and are visiting Malta this August, you’re on for a treat: an exclusive month-long local exhibition is set to thrill art enthusiasts from around the world!

‘Perception: Postscripts’ will exhibit the intriguing and innovative artworks of more than 50 artists and members of the Malta Society of Arts (MSA), as a part of a ground-breaking international arts project, AMuSE.

Priming the Senses

The exhibition continues the success of another event hosted by the MSA last year, named Perception. Now, Perception: Postscripts will take the theme of perception through multi-sensorial art to another level, in a sequel exhibition that features more artists, and more unique works of art… including interactive installations, photography, paintings, sculptures, etchings and kinetic sculptures.

New and Established Artists

Perceptions: Postscripts is a chance to celebrate the perspectives of some already well-established artists in Malta, as well as those just starting their artistic journeys. All the many contributors to the exhibition have attended a series of workshops by the MSA to guide them creatively towards their finished pieces – and gives you the chance to look out for the exciting first artworks exhibited by the great international artists of tomorrow!

Internationally Sensational

The show is part of a series of events under an international art project, AMuSE (Artistic Multi Sensorial Experiences), which is led by the MSA in collaboration with partner countries from all over Europe, and falls within the Creative Europe programme co-financed by the European Commission.

As the first art consortium of its kind, AMuSE has already rocked the international arts scene by helping young artists to create multi-sensorial art through artists-in-residency schemes in Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

A Lasting Impression

Curated by Roderick Camilleri, Perception: Postscripts promises to offer you two amazing experiences as you visit the exhibition. You will not only have the chance to enjoy the innovative, fun and insightful work of local artists, but you will also join an ever-growing international artistic community of creative thinkers who live and love all things related to the world of art – and will be visiting Malta for the show. Plus, you get to enjoy a walk around the beautiful Palazzo de la Salle… which we think is reason in itself!

Check out the Malta Society of Arts website for more information about Perception: Postscripts, which is now open at the Art Galleries of Palazzo de La Salle, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta. It will remain open until 31 August 2019. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

Book your flights to Malta now and get ready to join art-lovers from around the world on the island!

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