Excited about Valletta 2018

30 January 2013

Valletta, Malta

When I first visited Malta over a decade ago, I fell completely in love with Valletta. There is something endearing and romantic about this beautiful capital. It is not your typical capital. Very few cars enter the main streets of Valletta and it lacks the modern architecture that has engulfed many capital cities around Europe. So after months of intense preparation and deliberation, Valletta has been at long last announced as European Capital of Culture for 2018

I was ecstatic. Valletta has given me many days of pleasure and entertainment throughout my late teens and 20s. There is something incredibly magical about how a place such as Valletta has managed to retain its timeless look without giving in to the pressures of modern development. 

This event will not only push Malta into the European spotlight but the beautification process that Valletta is undergoing through will also see the creation of an exciting programme of events with a European twist .  This will add to the intrigue and mystery that Valletta exudes whilst entwining itself in its extensive history dating back to 1530.

As I roam the streets of Valletta, they each offer me a unique story that takes me back in time. The abundance of cafes and restaurants offer a variety of dishes from all over the world. The streets are always buzzing with pleasure so it is no wonder that Valletta has won this title. 

Sometimes I take the hassle free way to Valletta by going by ferry from Sliema. It offers a more panoramic and scenic views of Valletta from a completely different angle.

Check out http://www.valletta2018.org/ for the latest updates.

Author: Sabine Jung

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