Enjoy An Eco-friendly Holiday In Malta

9 September 2017

Malta may be small and compact but there’s plenty of opportunity to get in touch with nature and experience some of what there is to offer. When you get off the beaten track and see the greener side of things you will realise just how beautiful Malta's countryside is. For the eco-friendly traveller, planning your holidays in Malta could end up being the trip of a lifetime! The best thing about doing this is knowing that you’re doing your best to lessen your environmental impact on the islands and the Mediterranean too.

Eco-friendly Holiday In Malta


One thing that’s really fun as well as being a great way to get in touch with nature, is looking into an agritourism package. These trips will let you contribute to the local agricultural practices, and get your hands dirty taking part in traditional farming techniques. It makes for a unique activity for all the whjole family which lets you visit picturesque pastoral settings in Malta, and in particular, Gozo. You’ll spend the day in a beautiful country setting whilst learning all about where locally-sourced, organically-grown food comes from. There are even farms which will let you get up and close with the animals, which is popular with visitors of all ages! Many opt to stay in a traditional farmhouse, letting them wake up each day in a traditional stone house set against a backdrop of rolling hills and fields, with the sparkling sea on the horizon.

Eco-friendly Holiday In Malta

Take a Tour

If you're looking for something other then the farming life, or perhaps you want to get around and see more of the islands, then the perfect thing to do would be to take a tour of the countryside on horseback or go for a hike. One of the most beautiful locations to do this is on the hills and cliffs above Golden Bay in Mgarr, near to the cliffs of Dingli and the town of Rabat. Horse riding is quiet, and is a move away from cars which you might normally enlist when getting a tour of the island, so you can rest assured that the only thing you’re contributing to is the natural serenity which you can find in Malta and Gozo’s countryside. Plus, you get to meet some of the native wildlife on your ride, the quiet hoofbeats not being enough to scare away Malta’s multitude of native birds and other animals, like rabbits.

Eco-friendly Holiday In Malta

Getting from A-B

Malta’s known for its busy nightlife, and its busy capital, but even when you go to the built-up areas, you can make sure your eco-friendly holiday is conscientious of the environment by taking advantage of the expansive public transport system which reaches all of the towns on the island, with special routes for the most popular tourism destinations. Another thing the eco-conscious visitor can do, is rent a bike to get from point A to point B. With reasonable rates, they’re great for those who want to keep things as green as possible, and see as much of the island as they can on their own two feet - or, well, wheels! 

So now that you're up to date on the greener side of life in Malta, it's time to start palnning your perfect eco-friendly holiday in Malta!

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