When in Munich: Day trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle

21 May 2019

With Air Malta’s direct route to Munich, getting the chance to explore the enchanting castle of Neuschwanstein has never been easier! Nestled in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, Schloss Neuschwanstein, or Neuschwanstein Castle (as it is known to the millions of visitors each year), is one of the most thoroughly documented of Germany’s historic buildings. There are so many reasons to visit for a fantastic day trip- allow us to tell you more!

Neuschwanstein Castle

You may well recognise it!

Neuschwanstein is the definition of a fairy-tale castle, built by King Ludwig of Bavaria. You may recognise this iconic landmark as it is the well-known castle the car flew over in the children’s film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. It’s also the motif on the thousands of pieces of Bavarian tourist brochures and the destination for hundreds of tours every day. It’s truly a romantic idea of a castle built during the 19th century in a beautiful mountainous setting. It’s no surprise the stunning castle also inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty royal castle!

Where is it Exactly?

The castle itself is situated at the Southern end of the Romantic Road just outside the village of Schwangau and very close to the town of Füssen. It is in a small rural hamlet called Hohenschwangau (“upper Schwangau”), which is a brisk half-hour walk uphill from Schwangau. Neuschwanstein Castle itself is another 30-40 minutes steep climb from the ticket office in Hohenschwangau. There are frequent public buses from Schwangau village itself to the ticket office or otherwise for the most authentic fairy-tale experience imaginable, take a horse-drawn carriage ride!

Explore the Castle- take a tour!


Be sure to get your ticket for the castle tour before you do anything else - there can be a wait at the ticket windows (located at the bottom of the hill before Neuschwanstein).  To avoid disappointment, in peak months make sure you reserve your tickets online well in advance, as the castle can often get completely fully booked.

Discover the Glorious Surroundings


If you have some more time once you have visited the castle, ensure you take the time to walk up to the Marienbrücke (the suspension footbridge behind the castle) where some of the iconic shots of Neuschwanstein with Schwangau in the background have been captured. This bridge, which is older than the castle, spans the gap over a waterfall nearly 100 metres below.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not named after the Virgin Mary but after King Ludwig’s mother. 

Visit the less-known neighbouring castle of Hohenschwangau. King Ludwig only lived in Neuschwanstein for less than six months and Hohenschwangau Castle, the residence of his parents, was where he grew up. 

A day trip to the fascinating Neuschwanstein Castle is just one of the reasons to fly from Malta to Munich on your next holiday. Munich is a city bursting with life and activity, and whether you’re marvelling at its world-class architecture, catching a breath of fresh air in its green spaces or sipping some great German beer, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time! Book your flights to Munich today and get ready to explore the remarkable culture of Germany’s Bavarian region!  

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