Travelling to Malta this Winter? Here's what to do!

22 November 2018

Craving to get a taste of some sunshine again? Why not book flights to Malta this winter and relish in the island’s pleasant winter sun? With the moderate temperatures that the island enjoys in winter, this is the perfect time to explore the outdoors, embark on cultural adventures around historic cities, engage in some exciting shopping sprees and much more. 

Discover what awaits you during your winter holidays in Malta below (along with some well-needed cosiness!).


things to do winter Malta

It might not seem like the typical winter activity but taking long walks by Malta’s coastline is the perfect activity to unwind and soak up some great scenery. 

The waters around Malta are also some of the warmest in Europe, allowing you to engage in some diving adventures (as long as the sea is not rough!). The opportunity to explore the sea in this special season can turn into your most unforgettable memories, with spectacular photos to prove it. So, don’t forget to pack a waterproof camera with you!


things to do winter Malta

Malta offers some wonderful examples of interior and exterior architecture that perfectly reflects Malta’s rich cultural history. 

Starting from St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, this architectural gem boasts a beautifully-adorned interior that is truly a sight to behold. Immerse in Caravaggio’s masterpiece, “Beheading of St. John the Baptist”, in the museum of the co-cathedral. 

Other architectural wonders not to miss when in Malta are the fabulous Manoel Theatre and the recently-built modern Parliament, both in Valletta, and Mosta’s Dome, which is the fourth largest unsupported dome in the world. 

Appreciating Malta’s impressive architecture doesn’t necessarily mean looking out for big important buildings as the ones mentioned above. By simply wandering around Valletta’s side streets or the historical quarters of old towns and villages, you’ll be in for a colourful treat!


things to do winter Malta

Although Mdina is a must-visit all year round, wintertime is certainly the best time to stroll around its narrow, medieval streets as in summer it tends to get too hot.  Otherwise known as The Silent City, Mdina offers some great historical opportunities that almost transport you back to a time long gone. 

Pay a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and its museum, enjoy the great panorama of Malta from its fortifications and take in all the details of the stunning houses there while snapping plenty of photos as you move around.


things to do winter Malta

For all the shopaholics out there, this can turn out to be one of the most entertaining activities during your winter holidays in Malta. Malta is host to numerous shops that offer a variety of items suiting everyone’s tastes- from international chains to local establishments to weekly street markets and quirky little boutiques. Prepare your own tour and go explore what each shop has to offer, and then stop for a warm cup of coffee at a funky bistro and watch the world go by.


things to do winter Malta

Image Copyright: ViewingMalta

Not only does Malta offer some great tourist attractions for everyone to appreciate but it also has a range of different events and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Depending on your taste or what you prefer, there is always something to fulfil your wish taking place. 

Theatrical performances, concerts, parties, exhibitions and festivals are some of the events you should look out for, ensuring no day or night in Malta is ever boring. Keep a close eye on Air Malta’s blog for all the upcoming events on the island this winter!

Needless to say, during Christmas in Malta, the events calendar is even more jam-packed with celebrations of all kinds; from nativity scenes to pantomimes to festive markets and much more. 

There is no need to wait for spring or summer to tick Malta off your bucket list. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan the perfect Maltese holiday!

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