Discover the most beautiful squares on the Maltese islands

3 April 2019

The Maltese pjazza sits at the very heart of life in Malta. The focal point of cities, towns and villages, historically and to this very day, the main square plays an essential role in local life. Whether it’s a game of tombla (Maltese Bingo), celebrating the annual feast or visiting the parish Church, the Maltese have a strong affinity with their pjazza

If you are heading to Malta this spring and fancy catching a glimpse of traditional life on the islands, be sure to head to the closest pjazza of where you are staying!

There are just so many beautiful and diverse squares around Malta and Gozo, and perhaps the best experience is stumbling upon one by chance. However, if you wish to cut straight to the chase and ensure you don’t miss the best ones while on your holidays in Malta, let us give you some local knowledge!

Find an urban pjazza

The capital city of Valletta is home to more than one charming pjazza, in fact, many deem the impressive squares as some of the best in Europe. After all, the whole city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! If you are embarking on a spot of sightseeing, stroll through the beautiful Castille Square near the entrance at the top of Merchants Street. Castille Square overlooks the glorious Grand Harbour and is the location of the Auberge de Castille, an elegant building situated at the highest point of the capital, and which is also the seat of the Prime Minister.

Further into the city head to St. John’s Square. With its alluring Cathedral taking the limelight, it is an absolute must to step inside and marvel at the Baroque masterpiece. It is truly a sight to behold! Complement that experience by stopping for a cappuccino from a neighbouring café on your way out. 

Malta squares

After a day of sightseeing, try and catch Triton Square as the sun goes down; the place sparkles. After months of anticipation and restoration, the curtain was recently unveiled on this grand public space which dominates the entrance into Valletta. Commanding attention in the centre of it, the newly renovated Triton Fountain has become an integral symbol of the capital and its extensive regeneration.

Gozo is also full of characteristic squares- when in Victoria don’t miss Pjazza I-Indipendenza, known as “It Tokk”. This beautiful pjazza offers a real insight into Gozitan life, after a spot of people-watching, you can peruse the daily market for the perfect souvenir.

Explore a rural pjazza

Malta squares

Step away from the harbour towns and head to the country, the rural areas of Malta will provide you with a different perspective of life on the islands. You’ll be surprised to find out how little has changed in many of the squares for hundreds of years. You can readily spot the locals sipping on a cup of tea or playing cards. The town of Siggiewi offers a prime example of a delightfully Maltese square. Pjazza San Nikola is dedicated to the patron saint of St. Nicholas, whose statue is found at the centre. Surrounding the square, pay a visit to the magnificent parish church or the surrounding chapels.

Alternatively, seek an ancient pjazza!

Malta squares

When speaking of history, the old capital city of Mdina never disappoints. St. Paul’s Square, home to St. Paul’s Cathedral, sits majestically in the middle of this medieval town. It is said that the Cathedral is built on the site where Publius’ house, the Roman governor who welcomed St. Paul in AD 60, was situated.  Nearby be sure to catch Mesquita Square, which if you are a Games of Thrones fan you may well recognise!

Maltese squares are the true definition of islanders’ life in the Mediterranean Sea. Get a better taste of life on the island by booking flights to Malta today. And when visiting us, make sure you find time to enjoy the offerings of the local pjazza to the full!

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