Meet Air Malta’s new planes- The Airbus A320neo

2 October 2019

This summer Air Malta has been busy updating its fleet with two new Airbus A320neos, one delivered in July 2019 and the other in September 2019. These are the second and third Airbus A320neos for Air Malta after the first one had arrived back in June 2018, proudly wearing the eye-catching Nickelodeon livery! 

If you’re soon coming on your holidays in Malta or flying to any other Air Malta destination, you might get lucky enough and experience one of these new planes in action. In that case, let us tell you a little bit more on what to expect of the Airbus A320neo!

Why NEO?

Air Malta Airbus A320neo

The Airbus A320neo is a development of the A320 family, offering state-of-the-art aerodynamics. With its new generation engines, the NEO plane offers unbeatable efficiency, environmental performance and lower noise levels of up to 50%.  

Not only that, using NEO planes saves hundreds of tons of fuel per year and reduces 24% of CO2 emissions per seat, allowing Air Malta to lower its carbon footprint extensively.  Due to its lower fuel burn rate, the aircraft is capable of longer-range flights of about 10-15%. 

Speaking at a press conference following the arrival of the third NEO, Air Malta’s Chairman Dr Charles Mangion mentioned that Air Malta was also working to eliminate plastic from its onboard service to further reduce its environmental impact. “This makes Malta avant-garde when it comes to the trends, demands and aspirations of society,” he said, adding that Air Malta is ultimately also a part of the local and international community.

An added passenger experience

The slick aircraft cabin interior offers 18-inch wide seats where passengers can enjoy more personal space in terms of comfort and legroom. To further enhance the modern look, the NEO model comes with elegant LED lightning and larger luggage storage. The aircraft is also equipped with HD inflight entertainment screens, the necessary infrastructure to provide onboard WiFi as well as USB ports in each seat. 

A landmark step

In 2018, Air Malta embarked on a five-year fleet renewal project that will see the replacement of all aircraft with A320neo models by 2022.  Air Malta is the 21st airline worldwide to be flying this new generation A320 with CFM engines.

At the arrival of the first NEO to the fleet last year, Minister of Tourism Dr Konrad Mizzi commented that “The arrival of the NEO marks an important step in the airline’s history and development. Apart from enhanced fuel and environmental performance, the aircraft fits perfectly with the airline’s current fleet of A320ceos delivering seamless operation integration and also costs savings in terms of training of engineers and pilots. This type of aircraft will pave the way for a more modern Air Malta aircraft fleet and assist the airline in becoming the ‘Airline of the Mediterranean’.”

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