Your essential guide to Air Malta’s baggage allowance

12 September 2019

Travelling with baggage needn’t be a headache! Rest assured Air Malta has plenty of baggage options to suit your needs, depending on which ticket you wish to buy. There’s also the option of purchasing baggage vouchers should you need more space! 

So, whether you are off on a shopping trip or plan on bringing lots of souvenirs home, dive into our quick guide on Air Malta’s baggage allowance below.

Hand Baggage

hand baggage air malta

Your main hand baggage piece should not exceed 10kg in weight. You can try it at the baggage sizers at the airport to check if it fits… though, it’s a good idea to weigh your bag before you go to the airport! You can also bring another small piece, like camera bags, small umbrellas, netbook/tablet cases and purses which do not exceed 40x30x15cm (ensuring they fit easily under the seat in front) and must not weigh more than 2kgs. 

Here’s more detail on the different ticket types:

Go Light, Go Smart and Go Flex 

• 1 piece of hand baggage (10kg) 40x55x25cms 
• 1 small bag (2kg) 40x30x15cms
• Infants not entitled to hand baggage.

Just Business 

• 1 piece of hand baggage (10kg) 40x55x25cms 
• 1 small bag (2kg) 40x30x15cms
• Infants not entitled to hand baggage 

Smart Business and Business Freedom 

• 2 pieces of hand baggage (15kg total weight per person; 1 piece 10kg max) 40x55x25cms each
• Infants not entitled to hand baggage 

Any hand baggage exceeding these dimensions will not be accepted as hand baggage and will count towards your checked-in baggage allowance. If you are unsure, check at the Bag Drop desk before going through security, where you will be advised if you need to pay a fee.

Checked Baggage

checked baggage air malta

Each ticket with Air Malta provides different checked baggage allowance. So, to be sure what’s included, first of all, check the ticket name. Here’s a heads up:

Go Light

No Free Checked Bag

Go Smart

1PC each - 23kg

Go Flex

1PC each - 23kg

Just Business

1PC each  - 32kg

Smart Business

2PC each - 32kg each

Business Freedom

2PC - 32kg each

Need more space?

If you are looking to add baggage to your ticket allowance, the good news is you can also purchase excess baggage vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased here- you’ll need to provide a departure airport, destination airport, the date of departure and flight number. Equally, if you are travelling with sports equipment, you might want to check out our previous blog post on the topic here.  

For further information on Air Malta’s baggage allowance, we encourage you to navigate through our Baggage Information section here.  See you on board!

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