The Valletta International Baroque Festival

18 August 2014

The Valletta International Baroque Festival began in January 2013. It was created to celebrate the Baroque identity of Valletta, Malta's capital city. During the festival Valletta resounds with music from the period of when it was built.

An international festival, like this forthcoming third edition of the Valletta International Baroque Festival will continue to confirm and enhance Valletta’s prestige. It will also remind Europe that this small historical outpost in the Mediterranean has over the centuries played a vital role in European history.

The festival will center around the Teatru Manoel, one of the oldest working theatres in Europe. It also happens to be the only one in Europe that also fulfils the role of a National Theatre. The Festival will extend to the magnificent St John’s Co-Cathedral, several of the atmospheric Valletta churches, the splendid Grandmasters’ Palace, the auberges and other select baroque edifices.



With two very important events coming up in the near future, namely the EU Presidency in 2017 and the European Capital of Culture the following year, plans for the Valletta International Baroque Festival are not only planned for the long-term but is also ambitious. No stone has been left unturned in securing some of the best contemporary Baroque exponents and talent of the moment, both from the local and international scene.

Air Malta is a proud sponsor of the entire Valletta International Baroque Festival 2015. The high calibre programme that has been put together for the festival will give this festival the international status that it deserves. You can see a full line up and book your tickets online directly from the festival’s official website. See you there!

Author: Sabine Jung

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