The Longest chocolate Bar in Malta

28 November 2013

The longest Chocolate Bar in Malta

I love chocolate, who doesn't? Whether you are 8 years old or 80 years old there is something about the cocoa bean that connects us all. It may have been around for over 4000 years but our fascination for it has never dissipated. 

Malta also love's chocolate. Every year they have a chocolate festival in Hamrun. Tens of thousands of people attend this unique event where guests have a special opportunity to enjoy a wide range of chocolate related products from dozens of stands that seduce the public and submerge them within an atmosphere of pure indulgence and enjoyment.

Other sites to see were street art and painting by chocolate, chocolate body painting and chocolate tattoos as well as an opportunity to write personal chocolate messages or create chocolate mosaics. 

A replica of a full size Harley Davidson FatBoy was also made for the show. All organised by Mario Camilleri and master chocolatier Andrew Farrugia who last year in Brussels, had set a new Guinness World Record for the longest chocolate structure in the world. An enormous and maybe even magical chocolate train.

Malta also likes to set its own records and on the 30th November 2013, in aid of L-Istrina and with the help of the Institute for Tourism Studies an organisation known as the Malta Records will unveil a gigantic 350 metre chocolate bar that should satisfy anybody’s chocolate cravings.

The tallest building in Malta is the Portomasso tower. Malta records have suggested that this record breaking chocolate bar will be over three times bigger. At 350 meters long and 10 cm wide it has been guessed to weigh approximately 500 kilos. That is a lot of milk and fondant chocolate!

All funds collected are contributed towards L-Istrina. L-Istrina is Malta’s major charity event, and is organised by The Malta Community Chest Fund who distribute funds to those in need such as YMCA,children and elderly homes, Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance.


Author: Adam Claffey

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