Swimming with dolphins

29 July 2013

Swim with Dolphins in Malta

Dolphins? Why do people love them so much? Is it the permanent grin on their faces? Is it because humans and dolphins are both mammals and share higher intelligence levels then the majority of the animal kingdom? Is it because we live in different domains so the opportunity to share contact is often 'once in a lifetime'? Whatever the reason, swimming with dolphins is definitely on most people’s bucket list and splashing around with them is a real possibility in Malta.

The Mediterraneo Marine Park is the only one of its type in Malta and is the only place where you can swim with these magnificent sea creatures. Sessions last approximately 1 hour and include around 30 minutes in the water. All you need to bring is swimwear and a towel. Friends and family can film the experience at no extra cost and photos, taken by members of staff, can be bought afterwards.

If you’re a more experienced and qualified diver the Mediterraneo Marine Park also offers an hour long diving session for the ultimate experience with dolphins. This does have to be booked in advance so be sure to contact them first. You have to be 12 years or older in order to take part in the diving experience.

Afterwards you can explore more that the Mediterraneo Marine Park has to offer and interact with many other wonderful animals including parrots, pelicans, iguanas, sea lions and more. There are numerous events put on throughout the year, and presentations as well as shows every day. The park is open 7 days a week, all year round. Although the dolphins are undoubtedly the stars of the attraction, the sea lion show always pulls in a crowd!

Situated right next to the Splash & Fun waterpark in Bahar ic-Caghaq, alongside the sea, a full day of fun is guaranteed for everybody: whatever your age!

Well, that’s swimming with dolphins ticked off MY bucket list, next on the list, Skydiving.... gulp!  

Author: Adam Claffey

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